Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Well, I 've working diligently at the project our church group is going to be working on in a few weeks. Our first project is "cool ties" for the troops in Irag and Afghanistan. Mostly what I'm doing is making samples of them so the parishioners get to see what we're doing, but also so maybe they will donate fabric (not that I can't use my own stash, which was the original goal-thank you Stashbusters), thread, and also...(drumroll)... dare I say, MONEY?? Yeah, okay, I'm expending my $$ so far, but I'm such a fabricholic that I'm trying to stay OUT OF the fabric stores, because I inevitably find something for me. My new plan is to sell them (colorful ones of course, since the soldier's ones will be in camouflage prints) for $6.00 each. My DH doesn't look inside the sewing closet, and I suppose since it's all in boxes/tubs, he wouldn't know what's in what (thank God!), but when I die, the kids will know where their inheritance went. LOL... I've posted a picture of the 'ties' .
The next project will be pillowcases for the kids having chemo treatments, so they can take something colorful home. We make them with no raw edges showing and no stitches on the edge fabric (hidden).... for now, off to work!