Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cleaning my sewing room??

I actually didn't intend to clean the sewing room.... No, really. I didn't.

It's just that I wanted to make some room in the 'scrap drawers' where I keep my strings, and turn them into 'coins' (hence moving them to a different storage area). Then I could use the drawers that the strings were in and put my selvedges in them. I think I have enough selvedges to make quite a few quilts.... I'll have to work on that.

I actually, combined a few PIGS which are more like WHIMMS, and took some overflowing bins and traded spaces with colors that were a little less than full.
(I sort almost all my boxes into color. This doesn't count the boxes that are strictly Xmas, batik, oriental, wilds, etc... )

I never did anything with the batting storage since that's in an out of the way place in the top of the closet, but I'll sort through that at a later time.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend accomplishments

Boy, did I get a few things accomplished this weekend! Maybe it's because I know we have a mtg for my church quilters a week from Monday. But even so, I did tons of 'coins' from various strings I had laying around. I also straightened out a few Happy Blocks that were not quite a 1/4" seams... ("Are yours always 1/4"?? I even have a 1/4" foot and it doesn't always match up...)

This little quilt is for a 4 yr old who hasn't spent much time outdoors (at least for the first 3 yrs of her life). I just have the binding to do, but then we can deliver it.

These are the two heartstring QOV quilts that will be going to Alycia for her 400 QOV quilts. They won't be quilted, but we'll send the backing and the binding! These will be the 2nd and 3rd quilts for this project that we've done (church crew).

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historic Inauguration!!

I am SO thrilled to have Barack OBama being inaugurated this morning, but SOOOOO frantic to figure out how to watch/listen/ ANYTHING regarding the inauguration!!
My computers at work don't have speakers, but I found an old set of them at our house. I'll bring them and hook them up to one of the computers I'll be near (I work off of three and they aren't near each other...DRAT!). I also am used to taking a half hour break at 11am (don't bother taking an afternoon break), but since it starts at 10am, I'm PRAYING I don't have any meetings at 10 and can take my break early. I hear it's only going to be a 17 minute speech.
The only good thing is that my boss/friend/break partner is a HUGE political groupie, so she'll have her TV going. (Maybe I'll suggest we have break in her office). My niece Carly, is lucky enough to be at the mall in Washington DC today with her aunt and cousin, but her fiancee, Rebecca holds the 'Golden ticket' which she won at a lottery that she entered for the exclusive places.... (she has a dream....) Take great pictures, Rebecca!!
Addendum for this posting.... We got to watch the inauguration at work...!! Yaaa HOO! The TV was on (Not great reception, but it's better than nothing) and anyone could check out what was going on all day long at their leisure (as long as we managed to take care of some work in the process, that's me in the grey hair)

and most all work stopped completely from 11:15am - 12:45pm... I took some pictures of the TV and of us getting to watch it.
Thanks Boss....

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Blog

I've decided to post most of the 'doings' for my quilting group at church, Peace by Piece Quilters, on their own blog... That way my own quilting won't be mixed in with what I do for the group.... although now you may want to check out their blog. Actually, it should be better for them, too, since they will get their accomplishments and their 'homework' posted on it.
I just have to remember that there are members that DON"T have a computer who are pretty active in the group!

2009 Quilting

Finally got around to do some sewing... of my own. In the process of having time of my own (work shutdown and no babysitting), I took down the Christmas decorations (ALL of them-- usually keep up my Crinkle Claus collection), I finally decided to 'replace' my ottoman cover. It had been shredded on the corners by the cats (actually, just Tigger). Here's the culprit... looks innocent, doesn't he?

I wish now I'd taken a good picture of the 'before'. The only picture I have is one with my grandson Kai in it. (All four corners were like this)

Before........ After.

I decided to 'string' quilt it.... although I didn't have any foam pieces to pad it, so I used my scraps of batting. I couldn't use the upholstery tacks, so I used a staple gun. Works for me!