Friday, November 4, 2011

Storm Alfred-Danger warzone ahead!

The day started out okay... when the snow came it came as big puffy snowflakes!! The size of softballs. You should take notice of the limbs on the left of this tree...(they will be down shortly).

Julie's new truck was in a precarious place...those two big oak trees next door always give us 'adjeda' (spelled correctly?) during a storm. See the amount of snow on the ground? The total inches we got were probably 4-5" of heavy wet snow, but the branches on the surrounding trees were coming down already and it's not even dark.
Once the branches started cracking and falling behind Julie's new truck (she's had it a week or so), she decided to move it up close to the garage... (smile- big mistake)....

Notice the tree... Notice the V in the front branches? See that thick trunk through the V?
Watch it come down....This trunk, threaded the needle!! There is all of 10 feet between the front of the garage and the back of our house... It was soon taken up by ALL TREE BRANCHES!!!
It blocked the left side of the garage doors, but thankfully, my car is on the right side.

These two lovely branches were across the driveway...
 This was the backyard once the sun came up....Sunday morning. Lots of prayers were said regarding no loss of life or injuries and no structural damage. They worked.

This was the bushy part of the big tree. This photo was taken from the bathroom window. (No one thinks it's quite safe to venture outside yet).

Talk about one dangerous branch to come down. This is our next door neighbor, Brian pulling on that huge branch. The left side of the branch fell right after this photo was taken, but it was 'wishboned' over another stump of a branch high up. The other half is still dangling.

Looks like a hurricane came through. OH, Wait! That was in August! LOL
This is the swerve in the road around downed wires. My trees/house is on the left of this photo (actually, the red house is the neighbors).

This is the neighbors front yard.

This is ours, looking up the driveway...

 This is the backyard, from our other neighbor's yard. Can't quite get to all of ours...

Amazing in all this destruction, God does show some beauty......