Sunday, February 22, 2009

Midnight Quilters... Yippee!!

Don't ask how I did this one, but I did and I got so much accomplished! It's been almost a year or so since I've had my Friday nights free to make plans... Recently, youngest daughter got a job that would free me up on Friday nights. Our local quilt shop has twice-monthly sew nights on Fridays. 6pm-Midnight, pay one cost and they feed you pizza, drinks... you just bring stuff to work on and a snack to share.
It took me almost a month to get on a Friday that wasn't filled, but I did it! One hiccup though... I didn't realize that I would end up in Boston during the day with my mom and hubby to take out oldest daughter to lunch, then scoot home to CT, pack up car and head to the quilt shop to sew. I don't think it helped that I went to bed at 12:30AM the night before, couldn't fall aasleep til 2:15am, woke up at 4am....(see where this is going?) Do you think that stopped me???
Heck, NO!
I usually take WAY more than I'm gonna accomplish, but this time, due to lack of time, I only packed a few things. I got some black selvedge squares done (samples), and I like them.... a sample of my chenille scarf for my quilt group to 'test-drive', since they will see the finished product at the next mtg--they only saw how to cut it out at the last mtg--, and put the blocks together on a Pink/black and white HS quilt, and made a few more blocks for the Blue/Black and White HS quilt (this one I'd like to put together for a man with Brain cancer).
I was surprised how quickly I fell asleep, since I left there at 11:45pm and felt pretty awake! Not for long....zzzzzzz

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Will I regret this???......

I've decided to 'co'-Chair an annual Fair at our church. The only reason I'm doing it, is because the other person Chairing this event has done it so many times, that it should be old hat for him. My husband and I usually Chair the Hot Dog/Hamb booth, but this year he can't as he's working. I know, you say, why can't he switch with someone else? He's already done that. ( I know that doesn't make sense, but you see, we always have the fair on the Sat before Mother's Day, so when he saw that he'd be wlring that Sat, he switched with someone. At the last Vestry mtg, we decided to have it a week later... oops!) And he can't switch it to any other Sat, as we are on vacation the next two Sat..... oh, well..... and besides, I'm on lay-off for two months (Apr-May), so I'll have time closer to the fair to do last minute things.
The problem, leaves me less time to sew during my layoff!
The good thing is, I sent off 323 happy blocks to Mary at HeartstringsQuilt Project for their sew-in, and two QOV quilts (to be quilted), with all the "fixin's"(bakcing, batting, bindings, etc) for Alycia's project. that's for our quilt crew!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Ok, this is weird... and I'm still in shock! My oldest daughter is not one for crafts, not really. unless she's buying them, ... maybe.
Well, she has a birthday coming up and I asked for some suggestions. She referred me to her Amazon wish list. There were a few people with her same name, so I check the first one (my first guess) and scanned the items on the list. As soon as I got to 'Sewing machine and case" I knew I had the wrong girl, since she has always brought me her slacks to hem for her ever since she's been away at college. Of course, living out of state now, means she brings them to me and I ship them back to her when I'm done. I think the only extent of her sewing was buttons, maybe.
I questioned if this list was her, since other things on the list sounded like her likes, and she said "yes it was". That she wanted to be able to do her own pants (no wait time from me getting time to do them and shipping them).
I'm still in shock.....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Found a little more time...

My whining yesterday must have paid off! I suggested (heavily) to my daughter, that she and her son could take a nap in the afternoon (he takes 3-4 hr naps when he does) and then she could put him to bed when she goes at 8:30-9pm. This way I have a free evening to sew or anything else.
We tried it last night and it worked... I'm making a Chenille scarf at the moment and I actually will have it done by tonight! I'll post a photo later.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Less time to sew than ever!!

Good news.... youngest daughter got a job at a caterers...!! Now she can finish her externship for her culinary school YEAH!
Bad news:.... she has to be there for 4:45AM!! That means I have to get her little one up and ready and off to day care (opposite direction from my work, although she will be paying for my gas) and since she goes to bed at 7-7:30pm, I also end up putting him down to bed... down to bed.... down to bed.... DOWN TO BED! before I collapse into bed at 10:30pm (this whole charade starts at 8:00-8:30pm when I think little ones ought to be in bed). Whew! By then I'm too tired to start sewing. Somehow when she asked if I could take Kai to day care in the morning for her, I didn't think about my evening being choked out.
Since he gets up at 6-6:30am I don't get any sewing done in the morning either! (Whaaah)
Maybe we need to rethink this arrangement...
Okay, I'm done whining.
When I came home tonight, they were both sleeping (at 5pm), so maybe she can take a nap when she brings him home and then stay up late enough to put him to bed. YEAH!