Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Such accomplishments!!

Boy, did we have a great night at our Peace by Piece Quilters mtg, last night! We had two quilts brought in and finished, and many more worked on and gotten to close to final stages. Here "C" and Janet are holding our 'Clifford' quilt. Done!
This one needs a backing,
This one is laying on it's backing.... it will be sent to Mary at HeartsringsQuiltProject as a donation for all the work she does for us.
This is called Mints on your Pillow/Nightshades.
I'm posting a slideshow of last night's escapades... although it includes some of our early shots. My mom (age 80) made me take a photo of her 'getting up from the floor'- since I 'made her' work on the floor vs. a table... (I didn't)
(we really should have put more tables up to work on...) LOL. It was also nice to have Anna bring her grandson to 'help' with Nick's quilt.
He took right over and kept Janet working hard on her end- he liked 'designing the block placement'... (someone said another Ricky Timms in the making)..LOL

Monday, April 21, 2008

Jen's quilt

I finally finished the top for Jen a girl with cancer and needed to make a backing for her oriental quilt. It really doesn't look like an oriental, but the flowers really were on oriental fabrics. Well, being a frugal Scotsman, I used what I had...(our motto for our Peace by Piece Quilters is "Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can and it will be enough"). So I figured out I'd make a REAL oriental backing for it and at least get in the black and gold. This is what I've come up with to work with.... I'll see what I can do this weekend. This is the backing I came up with.... This is the black binding on the outer edge of the front. BTW the flowers were really hard to 'read' as they looked green when I auditioned them with gray and they looked gray when I auditioned it with green.... The name of it just came to me... Jen's 'Geisha Garden'.

Friday, April 18, 2008

New Chapter finished!!

WOOOO HOOOOOO!! I just finished editing my last Issue (May 2008) of Basting Lines for the GHQG. I have been the Editor for the quarterly newsletter for our local guild since 2005, volunteer, of course. I was a VERY new member of the guild (3 months) and decided to take it on. I've enjoyed it immensely, however, in the last three years, my life has taken MAJOR turns. Not always for the worst, just very busier. Since the editorship began, I've had a couple of new grandchildren (one of whom, with his mom, moved in with me, and I spend 3 days a week babysitting-- along with my full time job). I also founded a group of quilters, Peace by Piece Quilters, at our church and we are BUSY!! I also just sent it to the website, so it should be up shortly... Whew! I can finally close this chapter.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Charlotte's Garden-Ryne's quilt

I found Charlotte's Garden on my Stashbuster's site (Yahoo group). It's a group that making quilts (among other things) for mostly children (and a few adults) with terminal illnesses.
After lurking for a week or so... decided to sign up to make a quilt for one of the 'kids'. I picked out a girl (young adult) and am putting together an oriental quilt. That's what all the 4-Patch posies in one of my previous posts is for. This is it with just the sashing in place.
I have borders to attach to it, then I'll have my church group, Peace by Piece Quilters, help to get it finished.
Soon after signing up for that quilt, I saw Ryne (age 2 1/2)
that I HAD to choose, since he makes me think how lucky my 2 yr old grandson, Malakai-"Kai"- is to be healthy. If he wasn't healthy, I would hope someone would do nice things for him. His mom gave permission for me to publish this picture and his info.
Here's the front of Ryne's quilt, and a close-up (since he likes cars)
and Here is the panel on the back. Hope he likes it!!
I'm gonna ask the parishioners at our church to 'tie a prayer' into the ties I'm putting in.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Amber's quilt DONE!

Boy, talk about cutting it close! I finished the quilt last night (10pm) and got away with the label being written on the back (inside flap) of one of the fins on the outer edge.
I just have to wrap it up and it's good to go!! This is a picture of the final backing... no, the original backing will be made into another quilt.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

4-Patch Posies slideshow

Found this wonderful slideshow of 4 patch posies... Click on the title of this post....and then, since looking at this slideshow above, I grabbed a hunk of oriental fabric and started cutting one of my own. Help with my choices by clicking on the tiny url link below, then make a comment about which blocks you like the best (they are in sets of four- you can see the choices you have better if you click on the 'back to full album' link.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Amber's quilt progress- Plan B

Okay, actually, I think I got SHOVED into plan B, but I'm loving it! After staying up until 1:30AM Sunday, I finished the backing to my 3-D Fish Fins. I had a reason to go to work (I'm on layoff for April, so not to work, just to have lunch-Crockpot Monday!) and brought the quilt 'flimsies-front and back' with me as a co-worker wanted to see the 'finished' quilt. I knew I wouldn't get a chance to show her again, before Sunday. In showing the top and back to her, it started to draw a few others in to 'check out' what all the ooohing and aahhhing was all about. A couple of women said, "You shouldn't use the back on the same quilt! It's too gorgeous! Make a second quilt, that way each side has it's own uniqueness. I laughed, rolled my eyes, "That's true! LOL" and left with my quilt to head to the LQS and seek advice on the 'quilting/sandwiching' of the two pieces--together. When I got to the LQS, the owner agreed that they should be separated and then suggested I put the Backing in a quilt show! Wow, what a compliment!! (Of course, now that I think of it, she was probably thinking I would then be in the market for TWO fabrics for backing!!) .....Without sounding too conceited, I SO love the backing. It is one of my greatest creative designs! I even impressed myself!! Well, I found the perfect backing for the top - bubbles (I'll still do some original piecing/designing- just not as fancy) along with bindings for the two front and back. I've since cut the bindings (yea, they're done) and I hope to put the backing together for the 'shower present' (remember, I have to have this DONE by Sunday).