Saturday, February 26, 2011

UFO Challenge Participants | Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara

UFO Challenge Participants Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidara: "!" I just saw this and hope I can join at this late date.... Maybe this year, I'll work on my own UFOs and not the charity ones so much.

2011 UFO Challenge

Here is a go at working at these UFOs that seem to get pushed aside for the PbPQ group's quilt. Maybe it's time to work on mine, too! This is taken off my sidebar, but I'm updating at what stage they are up to. If I get a chance to photograph them, I'll have photos posted here. Here is my list....

1 Jelly Bean BOM--top has been done

2 Fishing Lines Heartstrings quilt--top done, elaborately pieced-backing done
3 Mystery Quilt 32 1/2" quilt

4 Mystery Quilt 16 1/2" quilt

5 Twister on the Prairie

6 D9P green-purple pillow cover--top done...

7 Mini Poinsettia's on the Fence wall hanging--top done

8 Quartered Star wall hanging

9 Moroccan Table runner

10 African 9-Patch--top done

11 Rings around the Posies (table cloth)-- top done

12 Convergence Quilt-- needs unusual borders

1a Mardi-Gras Madness

2a Diamonds in the Mud--top done

3a Black & white box rotation

Update Mach 1st, 2011:
Since I signed up (even if it's only in my head) at the end of Feb, I don't think working on Feb's # is practical (it was #10). However, March's # is 1, so I'll go pull that from the pile and see where it goes.

Update March 5th, 2011: I've been working on a back for #2 lately, so maybe I'll keep going with that, then snag the correct (#1) for the month and finish it. First of all, I can't believe I'm even touching any of these, since I've put my personal stuff on the 'back burner'. It's a start(or maybe I should say, "a finish"')!

Friday, February 25, 2011

New blog for me

I have started a new blog, mostly to chronicle my progress with chiropractic therapy. For my migraines. I'm hoping it works, but I'll have everything in 'writing', so-to-speak. It's title is "Snap Out of It!", since he'll be snapping my back into alignment. We'll see how it goes.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Productive weekend

So far, this weekend has been truly productive in the sewing department. I've gotten some of the quilts back that I shared with the PbPQ group. I labeled them and finished them. I added five more 'done' quilts to their blog list for 2011. I have one more that is in the process of getting done (Orange Comets)... needs tying and a label (maybe I'll make a mini version of the shooting stars on the front for it).

I have one more day off (President's Day) and I've made a decision (important medical decision) that has been taking up my time (mentally), so once I make a phone call to proceed, then I can devote the rest of today with sewing! Nothing major, just spending money in the direction of chiropractic sessions for my migraines. Waking up today at 4:30am with one, helps move that decision in the right place. AND I haven't done my taxes (will do them this week), so I'm hoping to use what refund we get back for that. Pray.

I also made a few labels for our group (without putting a date on them), so I feel like lots got accomplished. I have even thought (hard) about finishing up a personal UFO "Crazy Green Cabin". All it needs is the quilting part and a binding. Maybe if I go ahead and make the binding, I'll be encouraged to keep going with it!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bound up and loving it!!!

Sorry for the title, but I had to...heeheehheeeee!
I've been binding quilts lately like crazy. I have three that need bindings made or sewn to them (brought these home from our quilting event at church last week). Unfortunately, I haven't taken photos of THOSE because my mom (the binding queen) took two of them home to finish the handsewing on them.

However, Marilyn finished this one and dropped it off for a label. (I have the label at church- it's a 'real' envelope block that we'll put on and drop a inspirational note in it for the recipient).

This one my mom dropped off after hand-stitching the binding on this one. Very cute.

This one is special.... Our church group had sent a quilt to Mavie's dear friend in Maine who was sick. To thank us, Mavie made all these blocks and I picked them up in Maine on our way to our vacation cottage. I put them together in Maine, then brought them back for the ladies at church to finish. This is the finished quilt. Marilyn rolled the backing over for the binding on this one.

This is the label for a couple of quilts.

This quilt I'm hoping we can have our 'angel quilter' quilt for us. I really love it.

This is my favorite quilt as of yet...It's got such a homey feel about it.

I have some black fleece for the back of this one... then I'm done.
All I have left to do is make some sample blocks for the next meeting.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl Sewing! and commercials...

Super Bowl Sunday was wonderful...except I had to go to an early service at church (7:30am) and they don't play any/much music. I miss that. I really LOVE my 10am service at St Mary's Episcopal, but Leslie (oldest daughter) was coming down from MA and I haven't talked to her since Christmas.

We had spent Friday and Sat raking the roof of snow.

This is so much better, but the ice dams in the gutters are still causing lots of problems inside the house.

This was the back of the house, before we started raking and breaking up the ice dams (having our contractor do them on the front of the house cost us $125) .

It really was pretty think up there... and probably pretty heavy, too.

Notice his weapon of choice?? The hatchet. I hope he doesn't chip too hard or we'll have a roof repair to add to the spring repairs already in the workings.

It was pretty damn thick, don'tcha think?

I put some chili in the crockpot, got some sewing in, and watched the commercial on the Super bowl game (only liked the Dorito/Pug and the Chevy Eco/convelescent home ones). It was a good day. Nice temperature, where the ice was even melting!! Yea!
These are some test blocks for the church group. I'll bring them to church on Sat for our quilting event.

Even Kai had a good time in the snow. It's up to the window on the driveway side. We have no where to put any more of it. Hope we get a break. It's been snowing every 2-3 days, (5"-24" at a time).

Now he can see inside the birdhouses. They are positioned under the eaves of the garage!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow days do not mean more Sewing!

I thought it was exciting to have every Friday off Jan -Mar (our slow season at work), but with all the snow storms (and ice storms yesterday/today), we've had random days off, but the majority of them have meant that we are shoveling,... and shoveling.... and chipping icicles...and sopping up drips in the house (window frames/ceilings-although the ceiling haven't started dripping yet).

What that really means is NO SEWING! Between the hours spent outside shoveling, and the time spent inside with the water, I'm exhausted!! So, no sewing for a while.

I do have a quilting event on the 12th of this month, so I have to prepare some things ahead of time for that. That may be the only thing I get done.

....OH! Wait!..... I did get to midnight quilters at our local quilt shop and did get one top finished (but that was because I planned out the 6 hr session and it didn't get cancelled this time. Here is the top.
This is a closeup of the "Elusive Borders"....