Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cloth done! Just in the nick of time...

Okay, it was my procrastination at prime mode, but it always seems to work for me. I had to babysit my grandson on Sat. until 2pm, so no use trying to sew before then. (Oh, did I have time during the week? I'm sure I did, but then I'm not sure I had the energy...). Once my daughter came home and took off to run errands, I decided I needed to rest for a while....zzzzz until 4:30pm.
Oh brother ! I can't put this off any longer (why is this so hard to finish???). Up the stairs I go. I realize I have 9 more blocks to make before I can put them together. Hey, they ARE easy blocks to do. "Trading patches". I have some extra blocks already cut, but don't want to put the fabrics I have to chose from in the rest of it. I go looking through my stash... AHhh, found some funky stuff that works! Off I go.... sewing them up and playing on the design board for a while before I find the design I like ("Honey, supper is just gonna be 'thrown together' tonight! Ok?"). Good. Back to work. I put the blocks (48) together using the 'webbing' method and got the top finished...almost. Ok. I have to add this 'band' of blue and gold at the top, but I seem to remember that the top I add is too wide. I'll have to 'fudge it' for the moment. Now for the backing (I saved a piece I thought would be wide enough...NOT!) Oh crap! Okay, let's not panick... Hey, I think I'll make a band for the middle strip out of the millions of 1.5" strips that run through the diagonal on the blocks. It will work! I'll make them like a lasagna quilt. It doesn't look too bad! Okay, now to finish the panel (thank God, I don't have to 'quilt' it!). I just hand stitched the opening closing (enveloped it), and ironed it.... Don't it look perdy?? It's now set to "pin' for the altar top, and I'll have to sew it during the week...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Back panel of Altar Cloth

I have a week or two to finish the last panel for the churc's altar cloth. It can be used the way it is (three sides), but our priest-in-charge, Paul Briggs, asked if I could get the last side done for this summer. I have quite a few more squares to finish, then to arrange them and 'slap a back on' it and hopefully attach it to the top's edge. All I can seay is it's a good thing I save stuff! ( I almost put the remaining scraps in the 'orphan' block box at church to use on another quilt.)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mixing wedding with work

As much as I wanted to see my niece get married in NY last weekend, I also knew I would be able to do more research for my book. I got two more 'chapters' done, and somehow by-passing two rest areas on Rte 91 to stop at the one we did, made me know that we stopped at the right one! Somehow restrooms can be pretty disgusting or hysterically funny. This one was FUNNY! Wish I could say more....

Wedding weekend

Yea! I finally have ended a weekend that was packed with plans and maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to get back to sewing. This past weekend, my niece and her partner were married at the pier on Long Island City, NY under beautiful skies and among happy relatives.

It was a nice weekend to see the family... I drove down into the city (hey, GPS is a wonderful thing!) Too bad my other half had to bow out at the last minute. Here is some nice views of the Manhattan Skyline with me and my two daughters and future son-in-law in it.

My mom (standing with my SIL Paula)looked smashing, but the windows/lighting in the restaurant didn't cooperate for good pictures, and I didn't get her outside (she was part of the wedding party). LOVE THAT JACKET!!

Carly, Rebecca, I wish you all the best. It's nice to see you both on such a special occasion. Mozel Tov!

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Project has taken over!

Wish I could say exactly what it is..... but I plan to get it copyrighted, therefore I can't reveal too much about it. Let's just say it's to do with publishing.
While we were on vacation, I happened to take some pictures (no, nothing x-rated, LOL) and decided to do a humorous book regarding 'critique-ing' certain areas we observe of our trips (vacations, day trips, family events, etc).
Anyone who has been brought into the 'fold' regarding what this project is about, seems to think it's a 'seller'! I even went so far as to look at publishers to publish this book (which I think will be finished by the end of the year at the latest) and got a call from two publishers, both wanting to send me a package of info regarding getting this book published. One was VERY interested in it!! I already know that I want to have the book be a 5"x 5" or up to an 8" x 8" (preferably the smaller size) book. Hardcover. Two page spread layout for each critique. So far I have quite a few done and plan to take a road trip this weekend, so I'll have a few more to add to my 'collection'. Now that I'm committing to getting it published, I have a deadline. Yippee!! This is good for a procrastinator....