Thursday, March 24, 2011

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I have only been able to sew 'slightly'... while taking care of my mom at her house. She's 83 and has had a case of pneumonia for the past week, however, she isn't taking very good care of herself. She had a few nights over the weekend where she was coughing herself awake, then not getting back to sleep. She called the doctor's office 3 times, but didn't realized she was 'leaving a message' for her doctor that wouldn't be seen until Monday. (She needed to let her doctor know that it was 'an emergency' and speak to a human -answering service). We took her in on Monday to her doctor, but I decided to stay a few days at her house and make sure she eats and drinks enough. My brother will be with her on Thursday (today) to take her back to the doctor (and maybe to his house for the weekend). She made her own breakfast this morning, but realized it was a HUGE effort. She is such a giver, that it's hard for her to 'take' from us kids at all!! Well, mom, 'suck it up'... we love you. Let us help you...

In the meantime, I got one quilt tied and trimmed (and would have finishing the binding, but the rest of the material is at church. I'll make a trip over there today to get the rest of it. Maybe I'll let my mom hand sew it (to keep her from getting bored sitting in her chair all day). I also, finished quilting around 5 roses to finish the Black Rose Panel quilt. Now it just needs a label. I may get it so four quilts will get blessed on Sunday.

I'm also trying to make a few blocks for the frontal cloth that my priest is commisioning me to make for NEXT Easter. I figure if I make 85-100 sections, I'll have enough to spare and some to make into another quilt top. We'll see. I'll post photos.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Patchwork Apron

A lady from my church asked if I'd be interested in making a patchwork apron for a 'prize'. We are having a potluck supper in June and she is asking people to bring a dish, with a recipe and wear your favorite apron. That's easy for me, as I can't seem to cook well without my apron.

Now I just have to figure out a nice design for a 'half' apron. Male or female....?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Maple Festival

I took Kai to the Hebron Maple Festival... he'd never been and I haven't been to a Sap House (they call them sugarhouse's now) if over 40 yrs (last time on the Jamieson's farm in VT-we helped out thinking it was fun- they saw it as part of their chores).

He got to see the man stoke the fire right up close!! And we got to "see the smoke, Gramma!!" coming from the sap house (actually steam).
It was neat to see the HUGE cow up close... licking an 'itchy spot' on his fanny!
We also got to see all the activities in the center of town...bounce house, scavenger hunt, quilts show (Kai wasn't impressed with that- but he's 5). It was a lot of walking and it was chilly and windy. I needed a nap.

This fireman on his ladder was waving at all the people!!

They have a neat wall in town that curves... I saw a classmate's family name in it. Hey, Jeff Blow.... that's YOU!

Mike's gone...

Last Sat night, my aunt Lorraine, Michael Peck (my cousin)'s wife, Lynn and friends (actually it was put on by the friends) had a benefit for Mike.
 He's struggled with cancer, removal of kidneys, transplant of one kidney from his dad (now deceased), and all kinds of troubles.
Here are a few photos of my relatives....
My uncle Joe, Lolly and Maria in background.
My cousin, Donna's husband Ed, and Tony & Janice Lepore (my cousin).

My Aunt Delores (Aunt Lolly) and brother Bob.

Here's Bob, and my mom's oldest brother (Uncle Richie), and my mom.

Me and my sister Janet.

Bob & Mom. I love that jacket on you...

Nick even came on his 18th birthday....!
The Urgo family...

Nice photo of my sister and brother.

The benefit for him was put on at St George's Greek Orthodox church, tickets $25 pp, all food, drinks (although BYOB), raffle baskets, silent auction items even the band FountainHead (which my cousin Janis said played at her prom 32 yrs ago) played for free. Mike used to be their sound guy... There were tons of people there, unfortunately, Mike was in such bad shape, that he never was in shape to come to it, even for a little while. According to his brother, Brian, his mom and Lynn (his wife), he was 'hours away' from death. They had a hospice nurse keeping them updated with info on him (the church was only 10 mins away from the house) hourly. The plan as of Wed. was that he was coming! But things turned sour very quickly. He insisted they go to the benefit, and they insisted that he not go anywhere until they came home.

He passed away Sunday, Mar 13th, 2011 at approximately 8pm @ the age of 47.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Can I show what I've been working on....?

I think NOT!!

Why? Because, if my daughter-in-law sees my post, she'll have a preview of her little critter's quilt. Let's just say... it has monsters on it. And LOTS of bright colors on it. LOTS!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Federal Taxes are done!!

I haven't sent them in yet, but I've done them. I screwed up the logging in process for the CT State Tax, but I'll have Lee reset his password then we can file those. I'm getting money back , but not as much as last year. (Because I didn't itemize last year, I took a schedule L deduction-- made a difference). Since I get smaller amount refunded every year, I shouldn't complain. I, at least, haven't had to send them a check at this time of year (slow hrs, layoff time, etc), but it would be nice to get more back.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Back? or new top...?

That is the question....

This is the new backing...
This is the original top...

I'm not sure where this post should be posted... here or on my church's blog for PbPQ. It was a heartstring quilt I started back in probably 2007, and has been on my UFO list for a while. I had the top done, but trying to do a 'Marilyn' for the back.

** Clarification... a "Marilyn' is named after one of my friends in the PbPQ group and a very accomplished quilter who doesn't like to have leftover fabric when she makes a quilt (not to say she doesn't have her own stash, just doesn't keep the scraps). So she uses everything leftover from making the top, for the back.
It takes a while, (which sometimes scares me, so I procrastinate) since I have no plan ahead of time

The nice thing is that I finished the back, and I think I can roll this over and use for the binding. I tried a few blocks (half log cabin) that I hadn't done before, so I'll be able to show the ladies at Monday's mtg the block that I've been trying to decribe to them. Marilyn and her friend (and our 4th in a card game) Rachael came over last night and when I showed her the back, so said... "oh no... you can't use that as a back, you've invested too much time into that!" ... "Well, Marilyn, I didn't want to create another top, I wanted to get this one finished!!". I think I'm using it for the back because then I have to create/piece more backs for (now) TWO tops. Somehow that's NOT getting them to the finished stage, it's just giving me more UFOs. Not the point of 'finishing' them!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today I started the dreaded process of tax preparation. It seems so involved, and I think I have it improved upon from last year, but it still seems to be WAYYYY too involved. And there is only the two of us! We'll see how long it takes to get it done.

And all I wanna do is sew! I have a mtg on Monday and need to get things ready....oh well,....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mom's 83 Today!!

Today's a good day. I am on layoff, so I can take mom out to lunch at my/her favorite burger place, Corey's Catsup & Mustard. I invited my aunt Norma and maybe my daughter Julie if she has a chance to come without Kai (no boys today, sorry Kai).
This was my lunch.... spinach salad with grilled chicken, blue cheese, craisins, potato sticks and a light citrusy vinegar dressing. ... 'to die for'....

and we can't forget those sweet potato fries with maple mayo! Yum!!