Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy but Lurking (on myself)!!

Well, the computer has finally died.... enough at least, to make me realize that I need to get another one and have my step-son Jason, help transfer all the files over. I occasionally check a little bit of mail on my work computer, but I really shouldn't, so it's only to see if there is anything urgent to attend to. It's a sad day...
On the UP side, I've been feverishly working on an altar cloth for my church. I have made it into three panels (may make a fourth one for next summer) with a plain top. None of it is quilted, treating it just like a tablecloth. The tiles in the church floor are torquoise and it blends up to royal blue drapes with a thin outer strip of red in the drapes. There is also beautiful pecan and oak wood in the choir area and I'm trying to make each of the sides blend with each other, yet be different. I've been working on it in the midst of this AWFUL heat and humidity!! I HATE HUMID!! I get migraines and then proceed to get physically sick-- drains all my energy. Oops, sorry, .... I said on the 'up side',... I digress.
I also have been working on a quilt for a 3 1/2 yr old with C.H.A.R.G.E syndrome (for Charlotte's Garden). I have the top and back all set to sandwich, then put the ties into it. Hopefully, by next week!
I also have been enjoying my grandson, Malakai and my granddaughters, but I must say I missed my oldest (age 6) granddaughter's birthday party (hottest day of the year and a migraine), but managed to see her the Sunday before.
I also got to play!! Midnight quilters was last Friday!! If you haven't heard me discuss this before, do a search on this blog for it and you'll see what it's about. I got there an hour late, but I got one panel for the altar cloth pieced together (minus the top edge-- I'll show a picture of it finished later), and 5 pillowcases made (I use them for 'gift wrap'-- needed one for the birthday present I 'missed'.
Thank you , honey, for letting me use your computer to update my blog, but for now....Must get to work.....