Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I've overcome techology!!

Just a quick burst of an explosion here....

I hooked up the bluray player (we got it as a gift in Dec 2010) this past weekend, and I just figured out how to set up and activate my wireless connection (and I even know how to change the password if I so desired) and we ARE ACTIVELY WATCHING NETFLIX ON THE TV!!!!!!

For those of you who are techno savy, it's really nothing. But to me, it's HUGE!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Decisions made and quilting

Whoopie pies...
Decision is made and the choice is..."Moody's Diner" (of Walderboro, ME). Daughter Leslie, decided to go with the whoopie pies I made using their recipe. Actually, that's fine, I just have to have the details of how they are being packaged prior to the wedding (these are the favors).

Wedding outfit...
Decision is the blue one (Leslie's choice- that is, until she realizes that it's glitter). Her only concern is that it may be too warm for July. I don't think so...

Okay... I got the quilting (two for PbPQ) done, and the binding and label on one (Geisha's Fanfare), the binding half-sewn on the 'Peachy Cream' lap-quilt and will give to my mom, but more important, I got the baby quilt almost finished!!!!!! I even have the binding all cut/sewn and ironed for the quilt.All I have to do is a little fancy 'tweaking' on the panel that has the large monsters on it. I'll ty those two sections so that the strands of embroidery threads act like the hair on the monsters head. I'll post photos when I'm done.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Whoopie Pies and Dresses

I think my posts are getting weirder and weirder.... at least the titles are.
I told my oldest daughter that I'd love to make the favors for her upcoming wedding, so she said.... 'ok.... can you make mini whoopie pies?'
Sure, I said.... I grew up on them. However, I thought because MY whoopie pies are NOT like the Maine ones, I better have a backup recipe for them in case they don't like MY recipe (actually, my mom's). So I found a recipe online (Moody's Diners = Waldaboro, ME). I would make 2 batches of batter (I made 3), and 2 batches of filling (2.5). Here were the test results...

Batch 1: was a half recipe of my mom's (mixed it by hand), but I used crisco sticks instead of soft shortening. (I think the sticks were kinda old- didn't like the musty smell, but it didn't have a date on it, so I used it.-- I'm sure I won't like it, but we'll try it). They came out REALLY flat! I don't remember my mom's being flat, so that could be due to the 'off' shortening.
Filling A & B: My mom's was filling A (it never makes much, so I made a whole recipe of filling), and I made half of Moody's filling for B (I mixed it all together at once- just seemed like a lot of filling).
Filled half of pies with each filling and marked the saran wrap 1A and 1B.

Batch 2: Made full recipe of mom's batter (mixed it by hand), but used something new this time. There is a mixture in a jar called Lighter Bake by Sunsweet. It's made from puree of dried plums and dried apples. Supposed to be non-fat (use instead of shortening). Smelled okay, but the (still) flat pie tasted a little like prunes. And they were 'stickier/tackier' on the top of the pie... it didn't seem like they dried. But, hey, this is no-fat!! Isn't that a plus? Okay, these get frozen for a week, then I'll deliver them for the taste tests.

I'm also conscious of the fact that Leslie wants them about 2"... see, I'm measuring to get a feel for them.(These are the flat ones).

Anyway, the third batch was made strictly by Moody's. Their batter and their filling. Only this time, I made them according to THEIR directions... as in, use an electric beater!! Okay, yes, ... that DID make a difference. The batter was stiffer and fluffier (think mousse), and the filling was stiffer and fluffier...I figured how much was made (about 60 complete pies from a full recipe). I still had some filling from Moody's from the batches 1 & 2, so I used that, then considered the 'whipped' filling B-C. I'm sure these will be the ones they pick.
Okay.... now, onto dresses for the wedding.
You must understand... I HATE CLOTHES/SHOE SHOPPING!!!!!!
Okay, now that I got that out of my system, I DID make an attempt to 'look' for a dress, because my daughter-in-law, Diana, was appalled that I hadn't by now. (Mind you, I wasn't appalled. Just her. But it made me feel guilty). I went into two stores (NOT bridal stores!! because they are too matronly-- mother of the bride looking and I'm not like that. I'm funkier).
This one was a possiblility, but I just tried it on, I didn't buy it. Pros: I liked the colors. Cons: Too low cut, and too casual. (Notice the jeans, still around my ankles?? Doesn't that tell you how much I'm into trying this one?)

Then I went to MA to deliver the whoopie pies and visit with my daughter's future mother-in-;aw (who I really like!) While talking about looking for an outfit, I told her my mom had good luck at a place called Chico's. She googled to see what she could find and she found one in her town at the mall. "Let's GO!". While we were looking in all the stores there, we got hysterical over this one, since these ARE the wedding colors, Pink and orange (the bridesmaids are wearing navy, but carrying orange and pink gerber daisies). We got so silly in the dressing rooms, asking other patrons if they'd take our photos...lol. We just wanted to send this to my daughter, saying "We've found our dresses!!" (it's a joke, guys)
 But then.... I actually found a skirt (not my original plan-- hoping for a tea length dress), that was flow-y... and had three tiers to the length (although I could hike up the waist and make it tea length). And this top is probably what I'll wear since it IS funky (black tear drop beads around the bottom of the jacket and cuffs). And it has sequins all over it. The shell under it is sleeveless and while I don't think I'll take it off (I have arms that 'wave'), I could if it gets too hot (July wedding).

However, I really like this one better. The problem? It's glittery!! and my future son-in-law HATES (Did I say HATE strong enough??????) GLITTER!!!! What's the worse that could happen? I could bring both of them and switch all day, depending on if I've had enough hugs from him. LOL..... We'll see. I've sent them to Leslie, to see what she thinks. At least I'm done with it. Need to find shoes, but that isn't so bad. I can handle it. Poor Janice, still needs to find hers, but at least she knows what I have found.

Organizing, Cones and Monsters

Before I start posting.... Emma, if' you're reading this....STOP! I have something at the bottom that you can't see yet, so avoid this post!!! Thanks. Now, for everyone else, keep going.

Well, yesterday felt like a good day!!I can't even tell you how much stuff I have to sort (piles) in various places around the house. Most of it is in the den/computer room, but it travels ("on little cat feet"). I had a huge box of stuff and wasn't even sure what was in it, but I know I'm compulsive enough to HAVE to go through it before I chuck it out to recyling bins (which, btw, it REALLY full!)

I have some photos I need to hang, although I did get two photos hung in the den. I even have a pile (small) of photos to scan into my computer and burn to a disc (for safe-keeping).

I got the huge box emptied and sorted (although the piles are VERY small, they aren't gone yet), I have some things of Lee's that were 'around' and not really actively being used, put away (as best as I knew where to put them), and have all the financial stuff sorted by year in hopes that I can go through them and balance all that stuff soon. I do have a large pile of quilting stuff to go through... patterns I've removed from magazines (so I could through the magazine out), tips, instructions, etc. and that is now in my sewing room. MUST get rid of that so I can finish the baby quilt I'm making for my next grandchild (due in June 26th).

I have one bill to pay today (cable), I'll pay in person. It will get me out and I'll do a double walk through the mall. Hey, that's my exercise today,... I have to get it somewhere and it's supposed to rain most all week.

AND!!! I finally installed the blu-ray disc player my s-son Jason gave us for Christmas! I wasn't sure how it would play, since I tested out a regular disc and it was a little grainy. Julie's boyfriend said it may be that way on NON-blu-ray discs. I'll order a blu-ray from netflix and test it out. (Done)

Today, will be a day to sandwich the baby quilt together and make some homemade ice cream cones.

I also have two other quilts to machine quilt today...One has a 'roll-over binding and the other has a binding that Marilyn (one of our PbPQuilters) is putting together. This will be a productive day!!

This is a preview of the Monsters Galore quilt....