Friday, September 12, 2008

Couple of new 'tests'...

This is a bunch of heartstring blocks Marilyn made for our quilting group... She made 16 of each type. I could see if I should make two baby quilts with borders or one such as this.
I have a compilation of heartstring blocks that were done at the last meeting of the Peace by Piece Quilters. I've 'tested' them out on my floor, but will wait until next mtg in Oct. to see how they like the layouts.... The challenge was to make them with a bright strip in the middle and on the corners, with white on one side, and black on the other.
Not sure if I like them with cool colors on the 'boys' and warm on the 'girls', or mix them up.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hats off to two of my 'quilters'!

Our group of quilters at church are a varied bunch with different levels of skills, but they all have one thing in common.... heart. They dilligently show up month after month and do what they can for whatever charity we are working on next. I love them!!
But I want to take my hat off and bow down to a couple of ladies who, without them, we would never get our quilts done as quickly as they are. Laura McCarrick, is co-owner of a local quilt shop (my favorite!) and a professional machine quilter and teacher,... and a gift! She happened to see what we do and made the offer to help us get our quilts quilted at no expense. Since we are a self-funded group (we sell items to the parishioners) and have received many offer of fabric, thread, batting, etc., once we have the basics, the work is ours to complete. The quilting of the quilts takes so much time and we just don't know how long it could take if we had to rely on just ourselves. Sometimes I think God sends you angels that come in very beautiful forms. The two quilts I just received back from you are GORGEOUS! The pattern you quilted into the quilts is so perfect... 'angel wings'! Thank you, Laura. I'll post some pictures when we get them bound.
The other 'gift' is Mary Johnson, who is a HUGE part of HeartstringsQuiltProject. She has taught us many things, including how to make a string block look beautiful in sooo many ways. She also has quilted many, many quilts and helps to get them where they need to be, whether it is in her direction or ours. The patterns always seem to highlight the piecing done on the quilts and the quality is wonderful. Your 'wings' have given us our 'wings'. Thank you Mary.

Fall Fairs and the Quilt delema

I took my grandson, Kai to the first Fall Fair of the 'season'. We went early, since his nap time comes around noon and we had a blast!
This is us at the top of the Ferris Wheel!
He loved the animals (of course, he's only 2 1/2 yrs old) and was fascinated that he could 'tickle' the sheeps ear! He just didn't want to leave the HUGE, full-fluffed turkey who was doing the 'dueling gobbling' with his buddy in the next cage!!
The rides were a GREAT idea from the ground. This is inside a 'spinning dinosaur'....
Once he was on them, he was either very good on them or he was a little apprehensive.
We cheered for the oxen pulls, and the go-karts, had the 'healthier side of the foods (is there such a thing at the country fairs??)-- Hey, we did have some tabouleh, fruit cup and, oh yeah, a chocolate milkshake...and since I knew he had his fill of stuff, I ventured into the 'crafts building'.
I always wonder whether to enter a quilt in the crafts building, but my fear of it being damaged, stolen, etc. overrides my curiosity on how it would be judged. I've entered a crocheted christening gown and hat once, but it never occured to me until I heard the 'scary' warnings of other quilters about making sure you are RIGHT THERE to pick up your quilt at the end of the fair! I've never entered one, and I should (just for HA-HAs)... maybe next year. I guess I really enjoy just looking at them - eye candy!
At the end of the day, we left with our 'spoils' and he was asleep before we went 3 miles.
It gave me a chance to get gas in MA (we were only in Woodstock, CT --a few towns away from the state line) at $3.50, cash only! Not bad, when gas in CT was at $3.65 a gal.