Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Plan changed...slightly

Okay, the medical insurance issue is being dealt with. I have a letter written (asking for a reconsideration of the premium) and after my broker's scrutiny, I'll make any adjustments needed to the letter and send it along.
In the meantime, I'll finish getting the financials done for my taxes and make arrangements to have them done (at the local senior citizen center) this week.
Hopefully, after that is done, I'll be in the sewing rrom for the rest of the day.

That's the plan.

Oh BTW, I had a slight panic attack when my camera wouldn't open!! well. Actually, it WAS open and wouldn't close!! I took out the camera card so it wouldn't do even stupider things like corrupt the card's memory, and it eventually closed. That's my favorite camera and I really love it.
oh. and mom just called. she's coming for a 'quick' visit.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Can I quilt yet???

Boy, does it seem as though I'm never gonna get to piece anything. Not soon anyway. I have been diligently working on my 'list' (see sidebar), and although I could add things to it, I won't. I've been dealing with getting myself some less expensive medical insurance (isn't that an oxymoron???) and while I've been accepted, they chose to raise the premium by 30%. From $242 a month, to $315. If I figured out my average monthly premium now, (with me paying the complete amounts while on a layoff for ten weeks), I'm really saving $50 a month. I know, that's $600 a yr, but I was hoping for $120 extra a month savings.
I've written a letter (which I'm waiting to see if my ins agent wants to make any corrections before I send it out), and I hope it does some good, but it's kept me too busy NOT QUILTING!!

I also haven't gotten my taxes done, yet, and while I can bring them down to the senior citizen center to have THEM do it, I need to organize all the figures to be put together BEFORE I go there. (AND I may have to do it on a day my hubby is not working).

My goal this week, is to spend MONDAY just sewing!! That's the plan.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Update of list!

 Even though I don't have them numbered on the sidebar, the list has been getting shorter and shorter (above the 'done' line). I'm posting some photos of the cleaned out closets... (and a before of the cellar one).

If you want to see the before photos, you need to check out two posts back. Pretty congested.

This is all the stuff that no one claims, so I recycled some (gave the hand lotions-extra dry- to my mom, brought the little 'sample' hand lotions to my work -we have a basket in the ladies room for all to use). The rest... I tossed out!! Yup! (THAT was hard to do, but I did it)
This is the before photo looking down into the cellar closet. It's got clothes that no one even knows are there and boxes of air. Yes. I said 'air'. I've kept boxes of small appliances (microwave, sewing machines, etc) for .... I'm not sure what. Well, I got rid of them.

This is the same section of the closet cleaned out.
I even found a lined jacket that I've been missing for almost 5-6 months!! My favorite, too!!!

This is the before as you come around the cellar stairs and look directly into the closet (it travels off to the right).
And this is the almost fully cleaned out section (I turned the white shelves).

If I took a photo of it NOW, all the clothes hanging (that you can see in this photo) are gone. As soon as hubby came home from work, he went through these coats-they were all his-...
Now it's really clean. It feels great!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Update on the List....

I have completed numbers 13, & 18 now.....added to #1, worked on #8  & 15 & 17 -blogs (but that will be ongoing)
Feeling good about how I'm doing. I've decided to post the list on the sidebar to better attend to it (so you won't see any numbers now).
I can't wait for Monday, when no one is here (oh WAIT! my daughter has tomorrow off from work! Darn. Or maybe not darn. She could help get some of her things done - which will help get MY things done).

I have a charity meeting tomorrow (PeacebyPieceQuilters), so that may have to take up some of tomorrow's time.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

What a Difference a Year makes

Just to show you how the weather in New England can change, year to year....

Last year, same week, at our house...

This year at our house....

Friday, February 3, 2012

The List

I know there is a book called "The List", but this isn't it.


This is really about me trying to be efficient, organized and productive.
I'm on a 5 week layoff (seasonal- happens every year, it seems), and I'll have another one (same length of time) when I've been back for 5 wks. Actually, that's the best one, since it's springtime!

I told the girls at work, I'm gonna get things done this year. (I always have high expectations, but don't ever get as much done as I'd like). I've figured out how to do it though.... Make the list. "But...", you say, "what is different this time?" I figure I ALWAYS write my appointments on the calendar. And they get attended to. SO! I'm gonna put the items on my "list" on specific days in the calendar!!  When my mom wants to come over or go to lunch, I'll have to look at my calendar and schedule things for fun around them! Brilliant, huh?
There may be certain things that I won't have to put on the calendar (doing taxes, filing for unemployment,etc), but I WILL be productive and I WILL feel as though things got done, by the time I return to work! I'm famous for starting something, getting distracted in the middle of it, then not finishing it for a while. Yes, procrastinating is a 'close' word for it, but that means I put it off and ... well, .... I DO START them (most of the time). I even told Missy at work, I was gonna even put a 'time of day' to start things (she laughed... so did JoJo). Okay, I may not quite do THAT, but if it helps, I will.

Here goes.....

So. Are you ready?? I've started the linen closet (#1). That's been bugging me the longest! Top shelf emptied out and only the things I'm gonna keep are put back on it. Now it's only half full. It also made me realize that I need new sheets! (could this get expensive? Hope not). I put most of the 'stuff from the top shelf in the bathroom--yeah, I know. That's gonna be added to the list later.
The next shelf is the medicine part, so that will take most of the afternoon, but it will feel great when it's done. Back to work (see, this is how I don't finish stuff. I get distracted by -the computer- and don't get 'fully ' back to it. But this time, I will.
OH, AND I found some things that DON"T belong in this closet. My grandson's toys! (well, the toilet seat isn't a toy...) I think this is where mom 'hides' the toys she takes away from him when he's punished. I'll have to find a box to put them in.(They still live here, for the moment).

ps.... Did you notice # 17  on the list? Writing this just checked that off!