Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fall Fairs and the Quilt delema

I took my grandson, Kai to the first Fall Fair of the 'season'. We went early, since his nap time comes around noon and we had a blast!
This is us at the top of the Ferris Wheel!
He loved the animals (of course, he's only 2 1/2 yrs old) and was fascinated that he could 'tickle' the sheeps ear! He just didn't want to leave the HUGE, full-fluffed turkey who was doing the 'dueling gobbling' with his buddy in the next cage!!
The rides were a GREAT idea from the ground. This is inside a 'spinning dinosaur'....
Once he was on them, he was either very good on them or he was a little apprehensive.
We cheered for the oxen pulls, and the go-karts, had the 'healthier side of the foods (is there such a thing at the country fairs??)-- Hey, we did have some tabouleh, fruit cup and, oh yeah, a chocolate milkshake...and since I knew he had his fill of stuff, I ventured into the 'crafts building'.
I always wonder whether to enter a quilt in the crafts building, but my fear of it being damaged, stolen, etc. overrides my curiosity on how it would be judged. I've entered a crocheted christening gown and hat once, but it never occured to me until I heard the 'scary' warnings of other quilters about making sure you are RIGHT THERE to pick up your quilt at the end of the fair! I've never entered one, and I should (just for HA-HAs)... maybe next year. I guess I really enjoy just looking at them - eye candy!
At the end of the day, we left with our 'spoils' and he was asleep before we went 3 miles.
It gave me a chance to get gas in MA (we were only in Woodstock, CT --a few towns away from the state line) at $3.50, cash only! Not bad, when gas in CT was at $3.65 a gal.

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pattilou said...

What a neat experience. Thanks for sharing the photos.