Sunday, March 29, 2009

Start of my Lay-off 2009

Well, tomorrow starts my lay-off. I know it's seasonal, and I know it's for only 2 months, so I guess I can breathe better, knowing I don't have to go out and look for work. Last year, I had one month, so you can tell the economy has affected us, too. At least I have a job. Friends have said I should look anyway, but I've put in 18 years and have 4wks vacation and 1 wk personal. Not much other benefits.
I hope to see if we can refinance and get our interest rate down (presently at 6.25%)and the monthly payment down, so I'll do that tomorrow. Also, hope to get some repairs done on the house that are sorely needed (will check with my brother and a co-workers husband), then see how much is left to do the 'beautifying things'. Or not.
Our church has an annual Fair that I'm co-chairing, so I hope to clear out some stuff (de-clutter) and maybe do the painting myself (I just hate the 'prep'work).
I've gotten some time to sew lately... that's always good. Maybe I'll finish staining the doors that my brother put in there last year (or was it the year before?...). I feel like I need to clean the house before someone comes in to work on it, so they don't see my mess! LOL ... (Maybe it's because my brother's wife has a cleaning lady, but will a guy notice?? probably him, yes...LOL)

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