Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tornados in Massachusetts

Fortunately, it didn't do any damage to those I know in MA, but I was pretty worried about a daughter (who'd be driving from Boston right into the area it was heading!!), and a new-to-be set of inlaws that were coming back from the Cape (also into the tornado cluster of storms). My family didn't feel the effect, although it did touch down in Westfield, West Springfield, Sturbridge, Monson and a few other towns in MA.

I took a trip up to St Andrews Episcopal church in LongMeadow, MA to volunteer at the collection of toiletries and took some photos of the debris I saw in downtown Springfield (although I didn't get to the worst parts of town--it was rush hour and I needed to get home by 6pm).

 Here are a few trees that got the tops ripped off.

Some more roof damage.

This building had the roof ripped off, but you can see some of the debris inside the windows of the top floor (I'm sure you would have a great view of the sky from up there, too-click on the photo itself to get a closer view).

I did have a quick thought about the venue for my daughter's wedding in July... Zukas Hilltop Farm in Spencer. Wonder if they had their tent up? Hope not,...

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