Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year... Hello, 2012!

Not much to write about yet, other than I actually made it til midnight.
Resolutions? Sew all day tomorrow.

Can't wait for a grandson (#7) coming around the 20th of January....
Hope my pain (fell on Monday over one of Kai's toys) isn't a hernia, but may have to have it checked.
Love my Nook....(such a deal...$74.99 on Ebay- from Barnes & noble). Glad we got one for mom this year.
Made great ice cream from scratch with my Christmas present from Les & Scott.
Hope Julie and Chris get to live together (can't wait to have them move in together)/ Will miss Malakai, but will like the empty house.(Maybe I'll get to clean it out really well!!)
Hope I finish the main Altar cloth for St Mary's church before Easter.

Hope I go to sleep now.....nite.

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