Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Can God see Through Pockets?

This was a question that was posed by my 6 yr old grandson, Malakai last Sunday.

I'll back up....

I babysit him on Sundays if his mom works, and I take him to church. I was trying to get him to give up the iphone (an old one with just game use on it), so he could get his shoes on, do his teeth and get his coat on to leave for church. This wasn't happening... at least, not well. I kept my hand out. You know, the one that is supposed-to-'take it away'-and-you'll-get-it-later kind of hand. And I must admit, he was trying really hard to give up a great excuse that he should be able to still keep it in his possession and get all those 'other things' done. He attempted to slide it into his pocket of his cargo pants, saying "I'll just keep it here, Gramma", as he patted his pocket.

"Uh... no. I don't think so. It isn't going to church." It still wasn't quite coming out of his pocket (my hand was still in the outstretched position).

Then his expression changed. As if he'd been 'enlightened'.... His eyes got a little wider, like he'd figured it out.

"Does God see through pockets?" I think he'd thought that he'd figured out a way to get his way...\

However. Never doubt the look of a determined gramma. I gave him this piercing look and said, "Oh. Yeah. God sees EVERYTHING!"

Still trying...."Even through pockets??!"
"Oh yeah! EVEN through POCKETS!" Full of resignation, he handed it over to me, got his stuff taken care of and we headed out the door to church.

Story over, you think? Not.

As we are in church, standing up singing, there, in the pew in front of us, sat a little girl about his age. (We always sit behind this family, so it's not like he pays much attention to her usually). I noticed what she was doing, but Kai was busy drawing a picture on his Sunday School handouts, so he didn't notice anything until he HEARD it. There she was. She'd pulled out her mom's cell phone and was playing a video game on it (remember, we were standing up, singing and she was sitting back in the pew, behind her parent's focus). Suddenly, it made some music that made Malakai suddenly stop (sharply) and look up at me in horror. He quickly looked over the pew and saw her mom take the phone from her and put it away. With his mouth still wide open, he said to me, "God saw that, didn't he, Gramma?...All I said was, "Oh yeah!, He saw it...." nodding my head. "She's in BIG trouble, huh?", he said. "Oh yeah..."  He just sat back slowly and continued drawing, probably thankful that he didn't try and hide his old phone in his pocket.

What bliss......:-)

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