Monday, May 26, 2008

To the Park with Kai & Quilting, too!

Such a PERFECT weekend. Hope to hit a parade today (Memorial Day) in town, but since I was watching Kai, I decided to suck up the gas cost and drive up to MA to Forest Park with just us two. Papa was working as was Julie, so I packed up some cold pizza (hey, that came in handy), fresh pineapple, some granola bars and a corn muffin. Oh yeah, and a bottle of water (did I ever say how much I HATE "BOTTLED' water?? Not the water itself, but the fact that God didn't send it to us BOTTLED. I grew up in the country and water came out of the tap,... for free!)
Anyway, we played at the Park on the playground, got to go through the zoo up there Kai peering at the wild turkey,
and took a ride on the 'choo choo' train while flirting with the little girl behind him and feeling free with no carseat or seatbelt.
Also got to play at the playground. This is Kai 'tooting' back to the train.
Okay, so where did the quilting come in?? I received 4 quilts back from the long-armer (Heartstrings) and was so excited that I got all the bindings (from my stash) cut, ironed and sewn onto ALL FOUR quilts! I'll bring them to the next PbP (Peace by Piece) quilters mtg for them to work on.-- they think they have to sew on the bindings...hehe). AND I got so excited that I got that much done, that I finished 'tying' the ties on my DH's tee-shirt quilt (this one has been a few years in the process--he thinks he'll see it finished on his coffin-LOL). I know just have to sew around the outer edge and fingure what I want for the binding (I may just 'wrap the backing' to the front.) Just think, I COULD have it done by Father's day. I'm not even gonna mention it to him.

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