Sunday, November 1, 2009

Quilting Interruptus

This is not the time of year I really have much time to do anything but work (work at a photo lab), however, having a quilting group at church that meets once a month, keeps me on my toes. I also have a 10 yr old with lung cancer that needs this quilt we're working on. So, I'm making a major effort to get this quilt to a top. Hopefully, we can sandwich it and tie it at the next mtg.
What interrupted my quilting this time?? Let's see.... an adult daughter who got a job where I have to bring her son to pre-school (hence no quilting early in the am BEFORE work)-they live with us(however, she's just lost her job so I may have my mornings back) ... recently, Halloween.....working until 8 or 9pm at night (hence no quilting late in the evening-even if I had some time before bed, I'm exhausted).... moving 4yds of topsoil from the driveway to the backyard (took two solid days of my weekend, and killed my back)

... getting away on a couple of weekends with my hubby (much needed)... a few church events (I'm on the Vestry and 'required' to support the events attended), ... renovations in the house kind of stalled, but still in the halfway stages (enough to keep the rooms being worked on in shambles)... I guess that's enough. Thankfully, my dear hubby does the laundry (and pretty well, I think), but I still have to feed everyone (I think I should've switched that one, since grocery shopping takes me OUT of the house and laundry could get me sewing between loads...drat!)
I think this may be the last couple of weeks of overtime, so maybe I can get in gear. I also have gotten myself involved in two applications on facebook that are VERY addicting. They keep me from doing much of anything but that and the basics. Looks like I'm gonna have to 'make an appointment' to quilt!

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