Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sewer Interruptus...

Now, I know that title (of this post) could be sew-er (as in sewing) , and it WOULD make sense, because I'm always getting interrupted with that. However, it really is the sewer... as in the toilet. And it DOES have to do with sewing, or rather, fabric buying in a real distant way.
Okay, here is the story. And I'm sticking to it. Last weekend, I had to babysit my grandson (he's 3 1/2yrs old)while my daughter worked. (She had two jobs, but lost one, so is trying to put in as many hours as she can with the second one). Now, he lives with us, so this makes it even worse.

After a long day of watching him on Sat, I needed to get to a fabric store badly. I had some material I needed to get to finish a quilt our church group is working on. Once Jules came home, I scooted out fast!! I lingered among the bolts and 'auditioned' numerous fabrics for two tops I brought with me. As I walked through the back door, I was greeted by my grandson (sweet as he is...) and my husband who was muttering something about underwear going down the toilet (???). My daughter soon clarified it. (Unbeknown to me, my grandson WAS paying attention to me 'dunking' his size 4 'big-boy' pants in the toilet when he'd pooped in them).
He is really good about saying (loudly!) "I HAVE TO PEE!!!"-usually with "Gramma" attached to the end of that statement, and he still needs help pulling down (or up) his britches, but he's not good about going poop in the potty. Not yet. He'll hide in the dining room (great room choice, huh?), or on the stairwell to 'go', then when you ask if he needs to go poop, he'll say, "I did already". I usually walk him to the bathroom to 'flip it' into the toilet, then clean his underwear (dunk-toilet, scrub-sink, and wash-washer) and go on our way... I had done this earlier in the day and hung the undies on the laundry closet doorknob to 'dry to damp, before sending it down to the washer in the cellar.
Well, I guess ,while I was shopping, and mom was on the couch, and Papa was on the computer, he was hopping around and his mom said "Go pee, if you have to Kai". The next thing she heard was the 'flush'... then, "I DID IT!! I flushed 'em!!" With a stunned look on her face, she ran in and said "You flushed WHAT??", "My underwear!... I flushed 'em!" (I'm sure looking very proud of himself!). My daughter said the water was SLOWLY moving in a circle, but didn't overflow. That was good, right? She reprimanded him and thought she'd gotten the message through to him. Shortly after she goes back in and sits down, she heard another flush! She ripped into that bathroom in time to yank her sock, before it swirled down the hole.... "Malakai!!" I now understand why the toilet has been slow (I really wonder what he's flushed that no one heard before this?) I figured it must have been the undies on the doorknob (darn!, those were Buzz Lightyear ones! My favorites!) Thank God, we don't have a septic system, or I'm sure we'd be digging it out... I guess mom will have to keep a better eye on him and the rest of our clothes.


Lori in South Dakota said...

ROFL--my daughter flushed a LARGE bunch of grapes--stems and all, and we had to have a plumber out! Her dad still talks about it.

Nancy Eaton said...

But Lori ...somehow the grapes will 'dissolve' and the 'stuff can get trhough the stems...Not sure how long the cotton in the underpants takes to 'dissolve". Got a good laugh from you tho, Thanks! For more entertainment in this vein, check out my other blog. www.tripstothejohn.blogspot.com