Monday, August 2, 2010

Bye Bessie...

Okay.... I haven't been on my blog since before our vacation and I miss it. SOOO much has happened that isn't getting written about and documented. But today is a really big day. My loving husband and I went to a very large car cruise (Cruisin' on Main) in our town on Sunday. It usually pulls in about 10,000 cars along a one mile strip.We haven't gone in a few years, but this year we went... and this year, he decided to make the hard decision to put a "For Sale" sign in the 1954 Ford Customline's window. It sold SO fast we couldn't see straight! The photos are when we first got it in 1996...Julie was 9 yrs old.... (she's now 24).
He's been looking for something to work on (think, giant model car to build) since we've had this one for about 15 yrs and it's really done. Maybe a few tweaks to do, but basically done.
He got so many phone calls about it, he's still spinning. This one guy (Bessie's now proud owner), Scott, REALLY was looking for JUST this car. He's been looking for a few years. The minute he saw it, he told his wife, "This is the car I want!"
Well, it's his.... I'm kinda sad.... I think Lee is, too. He may regret it later, but he's glad it's going to the guy it went to. ..... bye Bessie...Love you.

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