Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hello Nelson...

Well, it didn't take him long to replace old Bess... here is the new occupant of the garage. Nelson from CA. He came on a double tandem trailer and rode with some pretty impressive occupants; jaguar, rollsroyce.... He looks at home in the garage, doesn't he?
He seems to be in good condition. Lee likes him. And by the window decorations, he seems to have ahd some interesting history at the Bonneville Flats, racing.
Malakai enjoyed that he could sit on the tail and not scolded that he couldn't be there...
In fact so much that he decided to 'help Papa' with the tires...
gave him a better seat!
Of course, that means the hands are FILTHY!! ...(come on, Gramma, he's a boy! He can get dirty!!)
At least I got ONE hand clean!!!!

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