Sunday, October 10, 2010

An aside...

I thought I would sew today... I have a lasagna quilt I'd like to put together... and I still may. However, I absent-mindedly went through a box in the den that was tucked under a table (off to the side) as my hubby and I were watching a movie on the computer.

This box was just 'papers' which I always seem to have around to 'go through'...LOL I never want to throw out stuff unless I at least look through it, but there's the rub. They seem to pile up. Those who know and love me know I always have a few 'piles' to go through. Someday, I'll unclutter my life.

This box, come to find out.... was things from my Aunt Jessie-Jean's house when we cleaned out her stuff after her death in 2005. ... or was it 2004?

Anyway, I found a newspaper of the 1938 Flood of Hartford, CT...and her last evaluation and 'fight' with administration at her long-time employers, The Institute of Living. Interesting read. Quite a few photos and negatives (threw out the ones with no people in it, and I'll send some things to my siblings that they must have sent her... And I also found a framed poem by her Aunt Jessie (Russell), entitled, "Devotion". She apparently used the pen name, Jessica English. I'll send this to my cousin Dinah Coleman, since this Jessie is HER grandmother.

Little son o'mine with eyes of blue
And the smooth, soft hair of brownish hue,
You cannot guess how great your power
To make me love you more each hour!

Let other ladies have their joys
In silken gowns and puppet toys,
And pity me who needs must stay
At home and care for you each day.

How can they sense a mother's bliss
The wonder-joy of your sweet kiss?
How can they know when the day has fled,
The fun of tucking you (in) bed?

Your rosy lips, your chubby fists
They see them not as joys they've missed;
So pitying them as they do me,
I turn to kiss your dimpled knee.
Jessica English


Alycia said...

That poem was totally worth keeping the box!!

Nancy E said...

Thanks for your kind words, Alycia... I think so too!