Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Boiler coming on Friday

This is exciting because not only will we be getting a new boiler, but I'll be home for the day and that means I MAY get in some sewing!! This is such a busy time at work that I never 'plan' to sew unless it's for my quilting group at church. I really need to update their blog, too.

This is "the old Beast"... It's been there forever. We've had the house since 1997, but it was built in the 1940's and was an oil burner. It was converted into gas before we bought the house, so I'm sure it will be a bear getting it out. I've been told it probably weighs 700 lbs. and the new one coming in will be half the height and closer to the back wall. We'll keep the expansion tank since it's pretty new.
This is the water tank that we AREN'T replacing at this time... She's beast, too, but she's still plugging along for what we need, so as the old 'New Englanders' say.... "if it aint broke, don't fix it."
Of course, that doesn't apply to boilers, because as the gas co. told me, there are two obsolete parts on our boiler and if they suddenly go (and you KNOW it's gonna be on the coldest day of winter with 4' of snow on the hatchway), they would condemn it. Then we would be without heat until we put a new one in (and that sounded like an instant decision on a boiler -whatever isn't a special order, just what they have available- and instant money coming from the bank acct-which we may not instantly have).

We've been saving for a little while, so we could replace it now. And besides, we can use our energy rebates for this year and last year up to $1500, so let's do it!

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