Thursday, August 25, 2011

Now for Hurricane Irene!!!

Sure, I just survive an earthquake, and now when I'm heading up to VT to visit with my mom (at a distant cousin's cabin- one room no less- we've vacationed there every year since I was a kid) to help her close up the cabin and come home Sunday, we're getting a direct hit with Hurricane Irene!!!

I'll try and take photos of the changes in the views up there, but I think we'll be heading home on Sat afternoon, instead of Sunday. We may even be without power for up to a week. I'm writing this as my last post, but I'll be keeping a journal (on paper-- imagine that!) while I'm away from the electical devices. LOL.
Really, though, it's supposed to be the biggest since Hurricane Gloria (and I remember that one!!)

Keep us in your prayers....

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