Friday, March 9, 2012

The List is shrinking

There were twenty, yes, 20, items on the list on the sidebar.... it's down to three!

I've even gotten some quilting done, but I'm creating a new list....

I've even gotten some quilting/piecing done. The two quilt tops above were done by Kathy S at our church quilting group, but I designed the layout and put them together.
I finished the Lime HS blocks with my selvedges.This was quick and easy!!

 I got a chance to play with the layout of my altar cloth for St Mary's church, but I have still more blocks to make, split and reorganize.And this one, is another completion done by the group and Kathy S.... I get the pleasure to put it together at home. Isn't it cozy? I've decided to name it "Homespun Warmth".

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