Thursday, April 24, 2014

UFO's are flying again!

Okay.... I haven't been on here in a while and I know I've had things to write about. My mom (Alzheimer's issues), my returning to work (hopefully) on May 5th after a long layoff (Dec 20th), my husband's upcoming retirement (May 16th), our upcoming vacation (May 17th), my birthday (60th- today), our upcoming birth of the twins (Emma and Jason) in November!

But the thing that makes me happy is finishing things that I put off. Oh. Did I not say I procrastinate? Noooo. Not me. I have less than a week to clean out the house (because I'll be thinking of all the things I didn't get done when I go back to work), but I work best under pressure (due to my procrastinating) at getting things done. BTW, this is not a recent issue, I was hemming the bridesmaids dresses the night before I got married (the first time- 1975) and I believe I was doing the same to my prom dress in 1972. I sewed back then as well, just clothes, not quilts. (I prefer quilts).

I have finished machine quilting two quilts that I had in MY stash (vs. the Peace by Piece Quilters stash that I always seem to work on), machine stitching the binding (rolled) on one and my mom, who loves to bind by hand, will get to work on the second one.
This is the wild striped fabric I'm using to bind my selvedge quilt.
 This is the one mom will get to bind. We bought this fabric at Marden's and I love it!!! I'll post a photo of it finished and laid out flat.
Binding is just pinned on.

This shows the binding with the backing of the quilt...pieced wildly.
 Unfortunately, I haven't thought of a name for it... Something to do with selvedge, Floral prints, diamonds, wild...etc.
 This is my nine-patch pizzaz pattern, using African prints. Love it. I machine quilted along the outer edge of the 9-patch squares, while randomly machine quilting the flowing lines of the dresses and the pots of the panel print.
Some of the beautiful prints used.

This is the backing fabrics (used leftovers from the front pieces made)
Notice the "Wild Olive" (hot pink/teal) tab? That's my signature fabric.

I also have one small quilt that I was hand-quilting some parts of a panel (angel), but decided to finish the panel quilting by machine. It's a donated quilt, not for 'show', so as long as it stays in place (batting-wise), it just doesn't matter. I also have one more quilt (mine) to machine quilt (Diamonds in the mud). The binding is already pieced and ironed and ready to sew on when it's trimmed. Yippee!! Can't wait. Maybe

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