Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mom's Diagnosis

After spending the week with mom in VT I noticed some things more prevalently than I would just visiting her occasionally. Her forgetfulness, for one. And WHAT she tends to forget. And how quickly.

Since that week, I've gotten together with my siblings and another meeting with  my mom, and we made an appointment for her at a geriatric psychiatrist in Glastonbury (Dr Harry Morgan) for an evaluation, MRI and bloodwork. The MRI and bloodwork came back "pretty normal", but they said something definitely is 'going on' in there. She has had some slight white batter shrinkage and has been diagnosed with minimal onset of Alzheimer's disease. She is taking medicine, denoprazil every day, to slow down the progression. We'll see how that works in the next 6 weeks for her follow-up visit. (Dec)

I have alerted a few family members (not her sister, Ellie, as she'd have the news all over Cromwell), but her brother Richard and sister Lolly, my aunt Norma and my mom's best friend's (who my mom doesn't want to know-the best friend, that is) daughter, Regina.

My sister, Janet and I differ at this point on her driving at night. She's afraid that she'll be confused and get lost. She has never gotten lost so far, day or night, so I don't feel the need to 'manage' her driving habits yet. She would be upset to have EVERYONE catering to her, so she does nothing for herself. Usually, she will call when she's leaving her 93 yr old boyfriend's house (Amby) and say she'll come over for dinner (bring grinders or such), and watch a movie, or play cards. She will sometimes leave at 9-10pm. She's very comfortable doing it so far and hasn't mentioned concern about it. So I'm not concerned... yet. Janet wants to keep her in a little coccoon.

I'm going to a support group at our church, will see how I like it.There are others around, just not tried them yet.

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