Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sad times... and a piece of happy!

I'm gonna try and write more this year... maybe at least once a week.

We are working on finding care for my mom a couple of times a week, then alternating weekends with my siblings, since my sister and I have been staying with her 3-4 days a week (it's exhausting)...

My daughter Leslie-Anne came down from MA today. I wondered why as I usually see her every 2-3 months (and on holidays) and I just saw her on Thanksgiving, and Christmas eve/day. So for her to come down again so soon... hmmm.

Well, I knew something wasn't right the minute she came through the door. I asked how she was, and then quickly asked her is everything alright? She had that look on her face and was shaking her head, biting her lips and started to tear up... is it you and Scott (her husband)? She nodded .... "Oh honey, I'm so sorry...."

He apparently wants a divorce (not anyone else in the picture), things that have been bugging him for years and he hasn't said anything, just kept building up. He's let her know since Aug/Sept, and they've seen counseling, but the little things she can change (they were easy), but the other things (not mentioned and not asked about... maybe I will later) not so much. She said they seriously talked about getting a divorce about a week and a half ago. She's still taking it in... So sad and feel so bad for her. Wish I was closer.

The good news beyond all this, is she was made (soon to be announced) an attorney at her work. Not quite an associate, but 'on counsel', so she can get more money and will be able to do attorney work/billing. YIPPEE!!!! Finally.

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