Sunday, August 9, 2015

I'm still here...empty nesting now

I haven't been so good at writing here have I? I'm beeen better in my journals (I hope my kids find them after I'm dead and see a different me than they know).

Julie and Malakai have moved out (July 9th) and in with her friend Jessica and Jess' boyfriend Arkia (sp?). They live on 13 Goshen Street, Hartford, but Malakai can still go to school in Manchester because of his ADHD diagnosis. She'll bring him to our house in the morning, Lee will get him to school (only up the road) and he'll come home here after school, until she gets out of work. She's got a fulltime job at Rocky Hill Animal Hospital clinic. Hope everything works out for her.

It has been nice rearranging furniture and getting the house back to being our house again. It's like a have a new apartment! Yippee!!

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