Sunday, January 6, 2008

Malakai's Stocking-- Found!!

Well, it's amazing what you find when you stop everything else in your life and organize! I figured out how it got lost as soon as I found it. Okay, let me back up... the day that I thought I'd put out the Christmas stockings, I really had to look for them. Now, usually, they are in a box labeled "stockings" in a closet that is solely designated for Christmas items. Well, the box wasn't there and I could NOT find it at all. Anywhere! The last resort was my sewing room, as I thought I'd seen MY stocking in there possibly for a repair- mine has jinglebells on it. It was my dad's as a child. Yea! I did find them, almost all of them... My grandson, Malakai's wasn't in the group. Now I know I made his special last year (his first Christmas). Having done our genealogy since 1983, and having grandparents that were born in Nova Scotia, I chose the fabrics carefully, using Nova Scotia's 'official' fabric - blue plaid- and using a soft cream fabric to evoke the lightly mixed race that he is. I even wrote his name and birthday on it. But I couldn't find it... Will I have to make another one? No, I knew it's been chaotic during my busy season at work (Aug-Dec) and things are usally here, ... somewhere..., but darned if I could find it. I did find the ones you see in the photo, but there is a space where Kai's is missing. Miraculously, one of my co-workers (our driver) came in with some 'crocheted' stockings that he got from someone on his route (gas station owner's mom). At least I had one to put up for Christmas eve (the red one on the far right), but I knew I was gonna have to look for it, eventually. Well, I DID get to clear out the sewing room (which became Santa's workshop) and the only reason I found it, was because part of my New Year's resolution is to keep better track of my UFOs (unfinished objects), WIPs and WHIMMs (work held in my mind). In the clearing process, I grabbed a pile from the floor, since on the top was a lap quilt that I needed to add to my list and in going through that pile, I found Kai's Stocking!!! YIPPEE!!!!!

I realized how it got to where it ended up...My oldest came home from out of state for Thanksgiving (with her beau) and not knowing which bed they would have, I moved some items from the den/computer room thinking they'd use that room. I moved a pile of quilts and some 'projects' that I knew wouldn't get to before they left. They ended up sleeping in the living room, but I hadn't had a chance to retrieve any of the items that got moved. They are now in a box, on the shelf, in the Christmas closet. Amen!

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