Monday, January 21, 2008

One more day.....and Derby cars race.

Hopefully, this afternoon, I will be able to play in the sewing room(!) This is an important thing. It's my resting area, my thinking space, my unwinding place, my peaceful room. Unless it's a mess and I can't find the things I need to work on the next project (hey, what did you want me to do, be philosophical??) All I know is that after a week and a day of going to 3 funerals/wakes, I need my quilting to center me. And it works! I also, can't wait until Wed when my husband will be racing his first pinewood derby car for his company, Lynch Toyota. (They started out as a block of wood with a hollow space underneath......yeah, ...I know!) This one is his favorite since he had the service manager willing to have the lettering put on it for him.... the "company car'. The Toyota company is sponsoring this race for all their technicians across the country (I think) and he is sooo getting into it. We meet at a conference room in a local hotel for appetizers, dinner and to race the 'local' technicians. then (when) he wins to goes to NYC for the regionals (they are already planning his hotel/dinner reservations--I get to go too!), then on to the 'nationals. Too exciting if we win!! And as I told him, 'If we lose, we're losing with STYLE!" This one is the 'Penny Racer'. From what he tells me, longer wheelbase, better power, although we tested it yesterday (my goodness, grown men certainly get serious about their toys, don't they?...) and on a 'low angle' the Penny Racer whipped the other Lynch car. But angle that board up to 3' and they are soooo close to call! I'll let you'll know how we make out.

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