Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I must digress from the usual quilting for a moment to congratulate my dear, sweet husband who has spent months (since Nov!) cutting, carving, sanding, polishing, painting, etc. his toy (oh, did I say 'tweaking, too?") his pinewood derby car, so he could win the district race in CT (put on by the Toyota dealers in the NY district). AND HE DID!!! There were 30 other derby cars of various styles and they ran three heats on a three lane track, so your car ran in each of the lanes, then took the average time as your speed/time. (See the post further below this one, for a nice picture of the two cars....) As you can see, Lee came in first!! He also got BEST IN SHOW! (for this, the prize was a diecast Nascar Camry Race car) The 1st prize winner of this district (#4), gets to go to NJ to race in the Regionals, (is there a National??) and also won a digital camcorder. The funny thing is, ours wasn't even the fastest car in the room. The fastest one was the second car Lee made ("The Penny Racer") that was in his bag!! Since he could only race one of the cars, and the Lynch car was his original car (and it was decorated nicely), he chose that one to race. We did a test race on a wood track at home (yes, he brought home this honkin' big 8' board) and built a track to test these two cars on and the Penny racer was faster. (He even had them do a test run of his 'winner' and the Penny Racer after the race ended, and the Penny Racer "FLEW off the track" into the wall. It came in at 3.01 seconds! We think it got injured because the second run only had it at 3.04 (although they did say each lane ran different, which was why they took the average of the three runs. At home, we 'tweaked' the Lynch car to take over the other car, but we knew when push came to shove, the Penny Racer could out race the Lynch. No matter, we won!!!!Top to bottom, 1st (us!), 2nd, and 3rd!

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doni said...

On one of the free sites I was clicking thru this weekend - there was a paper-pieced pinewood derby quilt. Sounds like it would be perfect for you!

Congratulations to the drivers! Brings back fond memories of those times.