Friday, October 10, 2008

Back to Blogging and quilting

Oh my Gosh, it's nice to be quilting again...
This was me at our last Peace by Piece Quilters meeting (I've since cut my hair VERY short!). We did get some great things accomplished. We got 4 quilts back from our quilter and have the bindings for all of them cut and in the process of being sewn on, then labeled. That should be done by next month. We checked out over 100 Christmas stockings that our ladies worked on at home (made some repairs), that are going to the troops, via Fran B in IL. We tried to plan our group's agenda for the next few months.
Mom got a chance to come up to my 'new sewing room' to play, too. I say 'new' because my design wall (behind mom) used to be laid up against a twin bed and box spring (Murphy-bed style), but now my little two-year old grandson, Kai, needed a "big-boy bed". (He was crawling out AND back in to the crib WAY too often!)
Here he is in his first real bed, though let me tell you, he STILL gets out of it and comes stomping upstairs to visit everyone a few times a night (He and his mom are in the basement).
On to quilting things..... Since I had to move things around in my sewing room to get Kai's bed out, I figured I had to clean it up major-ly before I could sew again, so I started moving furniture, had to go out and buy a plastic drawer set to put all the things that my Murphy-bed edge (on top) held. It was a great shelf while it lasted....
Here's the new shelves (already filled with UFOs and ophan blocks (in the upper three drawer section)... projects in the individual boxes...
The ironing board and cutting table have a window to the right of this picture (not sure how I like the placement of the table yet... we'll still see....
The sewing machine and design wall are easily accessible to each other and it feels like there's more room, even though you can't see it in these pictures.
So now that I've made the room neater, I've been playing with a new book I got recently... Quilts from the Selvedge Edge, by Karen Griska. Great selvedge quilts! I've been making them on the sly (before I got the book)... little 5" blocks. Some day I'll put those together and post a photo.
Here are my very neat selvedge (see I'm getting organized with everything!)
Of course, these are my selvedges when I'm using them....
Messy, huh?
Here's a take I put on one from her book. (I used very large florals and HATED the first 4 blocks I'd covered, but kept going.
I think I like it now. I've decided to call it Lisiere de Garden (Selvedged Garden). I've since put it together, but not finished yet.
Oh, and just some 'eye candy' .... one of the ladies (Dot G) in our quilting group, showed off her large queen-sized quilt at our meeting, that she had just finished! Beauty, eh?


AverettLadyNana said...

Just love your selvege edge garden quilt.

Roberta said...

I loved looking at your photos. Your quilts are wonderful. I admire your patience and love for your grandson!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
In stitches,