Monday, October 13, 2008

What a little Devil!!!????$#@!

Okay, I know he's only 2 (we're talking about the cute little grandson in the last post), but I'm glad he's so 'sweet'.... here's the story.
I came home from work on Wed last week, and as I walked in the door, my dear hubby asked me to go up to our bedroom and "see if you can stand it, honey"... (I can smell trouble already). Since I knew he was home all day and my daughter and grandson were home all day, I wasn't sure what I was walking into. Well, I got to the 3rd step on the stairs and the smell HIT me!
"What did he do??" I said loudly...
Does Papa look upset?? Well as the story goes, my grandson, Kai likes to go up and jump on (our) Gramma/Papa's bed and since it's old, it's no big deal usually. I guess when he first went up his mom called him down (but being a typical- or NOT- 2 yr old, he didn't mind her). She called again, but by now, Papa (who is under the bedroom on the computer) can hear him jumping, then heard a 'crash'! They both run up the stairs and there he is.... jumping on the bed...
Papa's 'special after-shave' (hidden, or so we thought, in the bedroom end table) was in his hand as he was jumping, but now is on the the meantime, it's been spilled all over the quilts on the bed (old ratty ones), on the carpet, on the floor, on the dresser (old ratty one) and I'm sure all over him!!
Since I get deadly Migraines (especially from strong perfumes), my dear hubby wanted to make sure I could stand sleeping up there. He'd had the carpet, floor and dresser (with it's new white stain) wiped up, the bed changed and the two quilts hanging outside to air out. I guess he aired the room out all day, too (good thing it's good weather)...
Well, I slept in the bed, but couldn't roll to one side (smell was still too strong on that side), and managed not to wake up with a massive headache.
Grandkids.... gotta love 'em!

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Bonnie said...

at least it was a "pleasant" smell... I was thinking skunk or worse! LOL