Friday, June 5, 2009

New Project has taken over!

Wish I could say exactly what it is..... but I plan to get it copyrighted, therefore I can't reveal too much about it. Let's just say it's to do with publishing.
While we were on vacation, I happened to take some pictures (no, nothing x-rated, LOL) and decided to do a humorous book regarding 'critique-ing' certain areas we observe of our trips (vacations, day trips, family events, etc).
Anyone who has been brought into the 'fold' regarding what this project is about, seems to think it's a 'seller'! I even went so far as to look at publishers to publish this book (which I think will be finished by the end of the year at the latest) and got a call from two publishers, both wanting to send me a package of info regarding getting this book published. One was VERY interested in it!! I already know that I want to have the book be a 5"x 5" or up to an 8" x 8" (preferably the smaller size) book. Hardcover. Two page spread layout for each critique. So far I have quite a few done and plan to take a road trip this weekend, so I'll have a few more to add to my 'collection'. Now that I'm committing to getting it published, I have a deadline. Yippee!! This is good for a procrastinator....

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