Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bob's Last House...

As my aunt Norma said when we pulled into the driveway... "That's his house?? The HOTEL??" LOL
Well, yeah, I guess it does look like it. Once you get to the house and walk up along the right side of it, the drop off is pretty sharp. My mom has a fit getting near the edge (she's 82).  I guess it IS pretty steep, and he does have a 2 yr old.

If I turn around, this is the side of the house that actually looks out on to the view. The porch enters into the living room (lower right) and the upper floor slider is in the master bedroom (little Jonathan's room is the left window sticking out).

This is the view from the upstairs bedroom porch.... nice.
This is the wrap-around porch. The window into the living room (the brick is the chimney).
I love the peek-a-boo spot above the porch... there will be windows on each wall. This is also from the master bedroom (I think I'd just like to live in THAT room!!)
And to think he designed this house from a picture in a magazine (just the outside of it). He 'winged' the inside rooms since it was just a Victorian house in the photo. He is truly a gifted architect and builder. He's doing almost all of it himself. Damn, you're good, Bob!!

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