Sunday, May 9, 2010

Electricity and procrastination

We had our electrician come and fix our lines... the outside lines ...and change us from fuses to breakers.

He also added an outlet in the kitchen and fixed our chain lights downstairs (Malakai figured out that, even though he can't reach the chain (to the florescent lights) from his bed, if he climbed onto his mom's bed and jumped OUT and towards HIS bed, he could grab the string/chain.  This is the old chain he took out....

No matter that the string couldn't hold him. Hence, needing to have the electrician take apart the fixture and install a new chain). This time, I have the strings hitched up higher (I hope high enough).  We'll see...

The only problem was that due to the weather, he didn't hang around long enough (the electrician) to label ALL the breakers, but I said we would do it. Why do I do that???? Say that I'll get it finshed? I KNOW I won't. It'll drag on so long that when the building inspector comes to inspect, it won't have gotten done. Of course, he was nice and said he could either 'fail us' and we'd have to have the electrician come back to do that, or he'd 'pass us' and we'd have to promise to do it and call him to let him know that it's been done. I siad we'd do it. (Do I even have to tell you...? No, I haven't done it and it's a week later). TODAY, Lee and I WILL get it done. I hate electricity. Why did I agree to do it myself?  Besides, it's Mother's day. I invited my mom over for spaghetti and a movie ("It's Complicated"- given to me by Julie for mom's day). It was a fun day, but we have lots to do before we leave for vacation next Sat.
You wanna see the awful electrical lines on the outside of our house??? Here are some of them.

Pretty bad, huh? I wondered whether the meter hanging was a mistake or not. He said the inspector would okay the job then notify the electric company to reset it. Ok! 

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