Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lots of doings...and planning sewing too!

I have to plan what to take to Maine with us..... sewing-wise, too, since my dear hubby said to bring the sewing machine (we're going for two weeks). Something fun! Maybe a UFO or two. I should stock up on pillowcases for the grandkids birthdays and christmas (I use them for giftwrap)...

Another 'doings', is that after 18 yrs at a local dealership, my dear hubby gave his notice. They took it fine, mainly because he didn't say he was moving to their competition. He just said after 18 yrs he thought it was time to 'move on'... after all he is 63 this year. They asked if he was retiring or working parttime somewhere and he said "I don't know.... I just know it's time to move in another direction in my life"... That was SO well put. Didn't burn any bridges and hopes all goes well for the last two days.

After our vacation, he'll be starting at another Toyota place in the state. Working for someone he's worked with before and really likes!! It will be a 'flat-rate' place too, with potential to make lots of money. Hope so.... Good luck, honey. I support whatever makes you happy.

Now, what to pack for Maine?..... guess I need to check the laundry. I'll have the car packed by tomorrow night, since we're leaving at 5am. Sat. I hope to hit the Marden's in Ellsworth, ME for supplies (;-)  just love to get a bargain. Maybe I'll actually look at the rest of the store (not just the fabrics)!

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