Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One week left....almost

In just over a week I'll be back to work. Damn! Yup, that's just how I feel about it. When do I retire?? (Obviously, not soon enough).
I've gotten alot of things accomplished, but I could have gotten a lot more done, if I was more organized. We are getting a lot of things done within the renovation mode we were in, but things did stop for a while when we were notified that we need to think about replacing the boiler. That will put us back about $4,000-9,000 ... AND we need to replace the outside electrical line to the house (the one that runs down the side of the house- not coming from the pole on the street), since it's so frayed!! These became priorities when there was a safety issue involved.
The only good news is that we got a 'gift' from my mom that enabled us to reconsider at least looking into a mattress for us and redoing the floor in the kitchen/hall/bath. We'll see.

In the meantime, I've gotten a lot of things done sewing, too! The projects this week have been to go over to church and clean out the complete set of cupboards (not particularly my job), and in that process I organized the Parish Life cabinets (my old committee), and the Peace by Piece Quilters cabinets. I also learned we have been given all of the lower cabinets for our 'stash'!!

I also, bit the bullet and machine quilted the "Swimming with Montana" heartstring quilt (leg/bone cancer for Alexa Marie Feragne). I wasn't sure how much machine and how much tying I was to do on it. It would speak to me, I'm sure. I'm almost pleased with how it came out... one little wrinkle. But that's not bad for how hard it was to keep it straight/flat when we were pin-basting it at church.

I cut the borders for an experiment quilt that our church group made... spikes on a Heartstring quilt, instead of the 2" straight cut center strip. I wanna name it "Starlight".Came out rather nice with the black border, I think, but I hope adding the yellow outer border doesn't make it look too much like a bumble bee! I'll find out today.
I also signed up our group for a little girl 8yr old who loves pink & black!! This should be a fun quilt to do... She has been on Charlotte's Garden since last July or August, so I have to work quickly. I think I'll put a few blocks together of 9-patches with Pinks and various blacks.

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