Sunday, April 25, 2010

How I spent my 56th birthday!!

The day before I went to my sister's hair salon and got my haircut... very short, but nice.

I also planned to go with my sweet husband to the Foxwoods casino, but NOT for gambling. He had a pinewood derby race scheduled with the boyscouts group down there, but for adult racers. It was a fundraiser ($50 an entry, so we only entered one car-- "S Car Go") for BSA (Boy Scouts of America).

Lee also set up a table for his other cars and a flyer that we made up for his NEPRL racing group. He got a lot of action there at the table and may have a few more new members.

His car in on the right, second from the bottom... "S Car Go"... with the snail and the rocket on it's back! LOL
He wasn't running his car in the beginning, being 34 cars entered, so he had time to get a feel of the race times. I think he got a little nervous with one racer who's car was running 3.005's and 3.004's. That seemed to have made a new track record.
Then came "S Car Go".
She wasn't too impressive on her first of 6 heats and by the 3rd lane/heat, she was getting worse... then the announcer said "S Car Go" was entering the slowest lane, lane 4... the green lane. I'm sure Lee was wondering how much worse it was gonna be. The last lane (3) he ran 3.010 (started in lane 1 with 3.007).
Here she goes..... aaahhheeeeeeee! Damn! 2.997  !!!!   (the photo is fuzzy, but the guy's head kept getting in the way of the screen)
He also didn't do so bad on the last two lanes....
In fact he WON the competition. I was very proud of him. I don't think he thought he'd won, since the first few heats weren't really great!

Once the race was over, they let him run a few of his exhibit cars on it.... They did great, too!!!

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