Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Organizing, Cones and Monsters

Before I start posting.... Emma, if' you're reading this....STOP! I have something at the bottom that you can't see yet, so avoid this post!!! Thanks. Now, for everyone else, keep going.

Well, yesterday felt like a good day!!I can't even tell you how much stuff I have to sort (piles) in various places around the house. Most of it is in the den/computer room, but it travels ("on little cat feet"). I had a huge box of stuff and wasn't even sure what was in it, but I know I'm compulsive enough to HAVE to go through it before I chuck it out to recyling bins (which, btw, it REALLY full!)

I have some photos I need to hang, although I did get two photos hung in the den. I even have a pile (small) of photos to scan into my computer and burn to a disc (for safe-keeping).

I got the huge box emptied and sorted (although the piles are VERY small, they aren't gone yet), I have some things of Lee's that were 'around' and not really actively being used, put away (as best as I knew where to put them), and have all the financial stuff sorted by year in hopes that I can go through them and balance all that stuff soon. I do have a large pile of quilting stuff to go through... patterns I've removed from magazines (so I could through the magazine out), tips, instructions, etc. and that is now in my sewing room. MUST get rid of that so I can finish the baby quilt I'm making for my next grandchild (due in June 26th).

I have one bill to pay today (cable), I'll pay in person. It will get me out and I'll do a double walk through the mall. Hey, that's my exercise today,... I have to get it somewhere and it's supposed to rain most all week.

AND!!! I finally installed the blu-ray disc player my s-son Jason gave us for Christmas! I wasn't sure how it would play, since I tested out a regular disc and it was a little grainy. Julie's boyfriend said it may be that way on NON-blu-ray discs. I'll order a blu-ray from netflix and test it out. (Done)

Today, will be a day to sandwich the baby quilt together and make some homemade ice cream cones.

I also have two other quilts to machine quilt today...One has a 'roll-over binding and the other has a binding that Marilyn (one of our PbPQuilters) is putting together. This will be a productive day!!

This is a preview of the Monsters Galore quilt....

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