Monday, February 13, 2012

Update of list!

 Even though I don't have them numbered on the sidebar, the list has been getting shorter and shorter (above the 'done' line). I'm posting some photos of the cleaned out closets... (and a before of the cellar one).

If you want to see the before photos, you need to check out two posts back. Pretty congested.

This is all the stuff that no one claims, so I recycled some (gave the hand lotions-extra dry- to my mom, brought the little 'sample' hand lotions to my work -we have a basket in the ladies room for all to use). The rest... I tossed out!! Yup! (THAT was hard to do, but I did it)
This is the before photo looking down into the cellar closet. It's got clothes that no one even knows are there and boxes of air. Yes. I said 'air'. I've kept boxes of small appliances (microwave, sewing machines, etc) for .... I'm not sure what. Well, I got rid of them.

This is the same section of the closet cleaned out.
I even found a lined jacket that I've been missing for almost 5-6 months!! My favorite, too!!!

This is the before as you come around the cellar stairs and look directly into the closet (it travels off to the right).
And this is the almost fully cleaned out section (I turned the white shelves).

If I took a photo of it NOW, all the clothes hanging (that you can see in this photo) are gone. As soon as hubby came home from work, he went through these coats-they were all his-...
Now it's really clean. It feels great!!

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