Friday, February 24, 2012

Can I quilt yet???

Boy, does it seem as though I'm never gonna get to piece anything. Not soon anyway. I have been diligently working on my 'list' (see sidebar), and although I could add things to it, I won't. I've been dealing with getting myself some less expensive medical insurance (isn't that an oxymoron???) and while I've been accepted, they chose to raise the premium by 30%. From $242 a month, to $315. If I figured out my average monthly premium now, (with me paying the complete amounts while on a layoff for ten weeks), I'm really saving $50 a month. I know, that's $600 a yr, but I was hoping for $120 extra a month savings.
I've written a letter (which I'm waiting to see if my ins agent wants to make any corrections before I send it out), and I hope it does some good, but it's kept me too busy NOT QUILTING!!

I also haven't gotten my taxes done, yet, and while I can bring them down to the senior citizen center to have THEM do it, I need to organize all the figures to be put together BEFORE I go there. (AND I may have to do it on a day my hubby is not working).

My goal this week, is to spend MONDAY just sewing!! That's the plan.

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