Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hello, again, my friend....


Has it really been that long since I last posted here? I seem to post more things on my Facebook page, my PbPQ blog, or my PbPQ FB page. Sorry, I didn't mean to neglect you.

I just returned last Sunday from VT. You remember, the cabin? VVV? Vermont Venison Villa? It's a cabin that has belonged in the family for ever. Or at least as long as I can remember. I have pictures of my dad walking up the hill, hand in hand, when I was three and my mom was pregnant with my younge brother.(that would be in 1957). I usually drive up towards the end of the week and help my mom close up the cabin (sister usually goes up to start the cabin up). It's only a one room cabin, so not much to do, but this year my sister has a new job and couldn't take the time off. I was on an extended layoff from Century Color so I went for the whole week.  I also decided this was the year I'd drive my mom UP in my car so she wouldn't have to drive (follow) at all. It worked out fine, but I may have to do this every year as she's 85 now and getting VERY forgetful!! We only had one 'kerflufful" all week,... I couldn't get the broiler gas pilot light lit and didn't shut the gas OFF while running up and down the street (only two houses around) to see if anyone was available to help. Finally got Don Wood from the farm down the hill to help although he said he probably shouldn't have lit the grill lighter before he bent down o the floor as he could smell gas pretty strong! (I could have blown up the whole cabin!)

We survived the 'opening' and had the most perfect week (weather-wise) I can EVER remember. There may have been two days where we started to perspire (humidity) a little more than 'comfortable', and one day when the rain came on Thurs at dinnertime, but no lightning and only distant rumble of thunder, and it was gone in the morning.
This is the storm a'coming....from the northeast.

This is real early in the am....5:45-ish

The clouds are starting to part.... Yea!
Woke up to puffy rumbling clouds LEAVING quickly....and the sun trying to force it's way onto our back field. Then it finished the week with a very cool breeze that was so refreshing, I almost didn't want to go home.

Saw the usual deer in the back field, one with spots still vaguely on her back side and a few down the road. A few turkeys...

I even got to work on some quilts (brought my sewing machine in case of rain).  Named one of them "Pawlet Mountain Trails" (finished the top on i VT) and the other "Cycling in VT" (still in the' design as I go' stage). They are charity quilts so I'll post them here when I get them done, but here are some photos of them in progress.
The design process of "Cycling in VT"
Pawlet Mountain Trails
 Nice to have some company... my brother, Bob, his son Jonathan and wife Paula...They showed up real late the night we got there, and stayed over. We went for a hike the next morning (my first hike up this mountain).

Loved this freak of nature. Wonder where the tree thought HE was going...

 It was a full moon the night we got there...beautiful.

 This was the start of our dinner.....Loved this wine.

 Took off on a day trip to Castleton, VT via the back roads(aren't ALL roads inVT 'back roads'?). We had such a nice trip... got corn at a stand.
Heading to Castleton, VT

Great to just enjoy the peace and quiet of the mountain peaks... dinner on the deck.

Taking a walk to my mom's good friend, Vivian Waite. Known each other for years. The fram in the background used to be Vivian's, now is her daughter Joyce's and husband, Don Wood.

Mom & Vivian... she is so sweet. I think she's 83.

See the hummingbird under the cross of the lines? They were so prevelant!!

This is the view from Viian's house (livingroom).
This is how we spent most every morning....then by 10:30am, the sun would move around the cabin putting us ithe shade for the rest of the day.

Our buddy the chipmunk! Love his shadow...

 This is the pond way down in the backyard....
 Turning around after the last photo, you see the cabin from the pond.

Love the water lilies by the pond at old Michael's house (former, RIP- house is no longer there).

Last night at the cabin.... Lee came up on Sat afternoon, and followed us (or didn't--lost us going around the rotary in Manchester, VT) home. Last walk we took there. Nite VVV.

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