Saturday, March 29, 2008

Great News!!

I must have a guardian angel (or maybe I should say my 21-yr old daughter has one). I've been praying that my daughter finds her way, using her head (which wasn't always the case, when WE were going through her teenage years--YIKES!--) and really grows up into a responsible adult. (Isn't that what all parent want?) Well, she's taken her sweet time about doing it, but she's getting there splendidly! Yesterday, she had 'her day in court' regarding getting "full parental rights" of her son, Malakai. Being a single parent, Kai's biological (father, and I use that word loosely) hasn't been in contact with him (by choice) since he was under a year old (he's almost 26 months), and hasn't paid more than $50 in child support plus a box of diapers. He doesn't choose to work, has since produced another child somewhere (another single mom)...there are MANY other negative factors (behavior & productivity), but I won't go into any more details, since this is a happy message. After the Dept of Social Services (DSS) met separately with my daughter and the BF, they said they WOULDN'T recommend she get FULL rights, because he is fully capable of working and providing an income for them both. (Being capable and doing it are two different things in my book....sorry). Even knowing how DSS felt, she went to the Probate court without any attorney (...'a fool for a client' is running through my head) believing that if she told her 'story', they couldn't possibly continue with shared custody (I truely believed that, too). She said the only people in his chambers were the judge, her and her friend(Kathleen), and a man from DSS (not the woman who chose NOT to recommend sole rights). The BF didn't even show up for the hearing. The man from DSS said, after looking at all the info in the file, he saw no reason that she shouldn't get full parental rights (YIPPEE!!). The judge apparently agreed ,and handed over the decree that SHE HAS FULL PARENTAL RIGHTS for her son, along with telling her he'd take care of the documents when she wants to change his last name, and notarize her will that she/we want stating we'd be his guardians, in case of her death. See even Kai is happy!!!


Anonymous said...

This is sooooooo Wonderful!!!! I am so very happy for all of you!!! I wanted to write this down in the blog, but can't seem to get it done. Prayers answered are sooooo gooood.

I am proud of you daughter, as I know you are, that she took that step of faith and that God was there helping her! You all are blessed by this event.

Lots, and Lots, and Lots of Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Love you all. Life is good and good things happen to good people. I am so happy that this happened for you. Love JP