Monday, March 31, 2008

Amber's quilt...progressing!

Being a frugal & loyal Stashbuster, after putting the borders on Amber's baby quilt, I decided to use up the 'leftovers' from the front of her quilt and 'piece' the backing. Although if you look at the front, you'll see I need to staighten out the 'wave' in the top border (this is what happens when you plan to miter the corners, then figure out that it won't lookd good that way, and then just sew straight across. I always measure my borders from the center of the quilt. I'll have to rip it out and fix it tomorrow. Usually when I piece a backing, it's just a hodge-podge of sticking whatever I grab together, not really making any rhyme or reason. But this time I thought I'd make it special. After all, Amber's is my husband's ONLY daughter and this is her first baby. Here I've just laid the various pieces I made (from the leftovers) onto some kind of watery fabric. I figure I'll just plan it out on graph paper (this is SO not like me.... planning? not I!) then I can put it together like a jigsaw puzzle. Once I got the leftovers put together, I made sure I put some leftover fins in the strips I would be using to tie it in to the front. Sorry the lighting is poor. This is the completed backing, after adding approximately 4" border around the whole thing. I know I'll have to trim it back. I've also decided to 'tie' it since it has so many fins, I don't want to quilt anything down and I won't be able to see the back as I quilt the front. Maybe I can use the wide tables at the LQS to layer it all and pin. I'll do that tomorrow.....'after all, tomorrow is another day.'


Anonymous said...

What a unique and wonderful quilt!! I simply LOVE the fish borders on
the front. The back is another terrific quilt design, full of
interesting details. I hope you will display this one in a quilt show
soon. It should be shared with the rest of the quilting world! :-) (I
always enjoy seeing something different when I attend shows.)

--Nancie V in Austin TX

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the quilt!!!! And what a great idea for the back. It is just wonderful and very creative. Everyone will love it!!!!

Sunday!!! YIKES.. I see that you are going to tie it.. Smart idea! I think it would be hard to work the design with what is on back unless you did a fan or something like an ocean wave. But tying is a great idea!!!
Good Luck with that!!