Sunday, August 3, 2008

Daughter's Culinary School Final Dinner 2008

This is youngest daughter, Julie, who has been attending culinary school in CT. They had a dinner in July that they could invite their family and friends to. What a dinner!!
This was the appetizer, coconut shrimp with jasmine rice and mango salsa... Very spicy and 'to die for'. Not enough, though (I love shrimp).
This was Potato Soup with watercress and the crouton in the center had lobster and butter on top. Great light texture to the soup and delicious!!!
Believe it or not, Bread Salad with Fire-roasted tomatoes and a crisp layer of cheese placed on top. The 'drizzle' that looks like chocolate was balsamic vinegarette. I could have made a meal of this!!
These rolls were heavenly! They were the lightest I've ever eaten. Our table of 4 asked for another basket!
They made an entree of Grilled pork loin with peach BBQ sauce (very delicate) and it laid on fried yucca with a 'touch of Mexican corn'. Rather spicy, but I didn't mind at all. The fried yucca tasted like a mix of turnip/potato flavors)
And then the finale (!) was not your CHOICE of the three desserts, but ALL THREE DESSERTS!
They served a light raspberry pound cake with raspberry sauce, a blueberry gingerbread with blueberries and vanilla ice cream, and the creation on the right is philo triangles layered with stawberries and vanilla cream.... oh.... my ..... GOD! What a perfect softly sweet taste to cool the fire from the spices served earlier!!
Thankfully, she also has to 'clean up'.... Amazing she never gave ANY indication she loved to cook at home while growing up.....! She's really good!

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