Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mini-Vacation, before the next quilt project

I went up to my favorite cabin in VT for my yearly ritual (which is actually a JOY), to help my mom (who is 80 now) pack up and clean/close down the cabin.
It's a family owned cabin (my dad's side - cousins) that I've been to almost every year since I've been 2 or 3). I hope to have part of my ashes scattered there some day. We had the most perfect weather there.
I even brought home my supply of slate (from the dirt road on my walk) for my garden. (that is my annual thing too! I pull them out of the gully and then drive down the dirt road to put them in my car.... My hubby will be sooo thrilled! LOL
This is the spring-fed pond down behind the cabin (picture taken from the deck). I wouldn't swim in it, since I remember the 'boys' dumping the 'commode' in the pond before there was running water in the cabin-1960's-70's... but I think the 'kids' take the floats and tubes in it....YUK!
Mom said she had many 'guests' while there; my brother and his wife and son for the first two days (they help her start up the cabin), then my sister, her 2 kids plus two other neighbors from CT for 4 days, her husband and 2 of his friends (they came up on motorcycles and slept in the 'shed' for a couple of nights), they left Wed and my other brother and his daughter came up Wed-Sat,
they stayed in their tent. Then MY daughter, her son and her friend arrived Thurs, I arrived (alone, hubby was working on the weekend) on Fri, and we all left on Sunday morn. If the truth be known, my mom doesn't really like to be alone up there since my dad died. It's got too many memories that she'd like to share with him.... hence, all the guests!
Here are some shots of the inside of the cabin...
Did I forget to mention that the cabin is one room, has two bunkbeds, enclosed porch (with 3 cots on it-- that's where I slept) and a large deck with railing seats?? ..... Believe me, we all fit somehow. I even got to see a deer in the middle of the field before dawn on the day we left! (I always think it's my dad showing up). Anyway, it's really Heaven to us....

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