Sunday, August 3, 2008

Yahoo! Photos can be posted!! Jonathan's 1st Birthday!

I finally can start posting photos that have been taken.... I haven't posted too much info on my blog lately, because all my photos/computer have had issues. Some are fixed, so here goes....
Here is my newest nephew, Jonathan who turned one this July. I think he liked the hat over his face the best.
The table was done very elegantly, just like the Baptismal table my sister-in-law set in her home country of Brazil.
They even had gifts (candies and such) for all the kids that came, set in a cute basket!
It was nice to see Jonathan's older brother, Jake, and his girlfriend, Erin. Jake is going to school to be a pilot.
Even got a nice photo of my oldest daughter, Leslie-Anne and my mom (she's 80yrs old). Leslie just purchased her first house!! Closing July 24, 2008!

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